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2021 Triples League

As mentioned in Maureen’s email 6/4/21 the Club will be running an Internal Mixed Triples League from Tuesday 4th May. We now have the required number of players to run this league. We will be playing on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons starting at 2.00pm.

Dress code will be Club shirts and greys.

We must still follow Bowls England and Bowls Devon guidelines with regard to playing and the Club facilities.

Changing rooms will be open, but participants must avoid or minimise use where possible, participants must observe social distancing whilst in changing rooms.

Face coverings to be worn at all times when indoors. Please remember to bring your own drinks, as we are not allowed to have internal catering yet.

The green will be set out for 7 rinks, we will play on rink 1,3,5,7. At the start of each game rinks 1 and 5 will play in the opposite direction to rinks 3 and 7.

Before the games start one skip from each set will pick a rink number from a hat.

Score boards are not to be used at this time, both skips will fill in their cards as the game progresses and at the end of the game the completed cards are to be placed in the plastic folder in the Club house set aside for the collection of cards.

We will be playing 18 ends, with three woods each player.

Team selection.  16 skips have been selected, their names will be placed in pot 1, 32 players names are placed in pot 2. One skips name is drawn followed by 2 players from pot 2, this will be team one.

The process will be repeated for team two who will be team one’s opponents for the first game. And so on for all eight teams. The first 4 teams will play on Tuesday the second 4 teams will play on Thursday.

This process will be repeated each week, so you will be playing with different players each game (hopefully).

Players from pot 2 can play lead or two position, they decide between themselves on the day.

If you are unable to play on the day you have been picked you can swop with a player from the other day that week, but if you do you must let Chris Hammett or Bob French know.

Team selection will be posted on the fixtures notice board and on the web site, under 2021 Triples League.

Each player in a team that wins will receive 2 points and 1 point is given for a draw.

It is anticipated that this league will run for 10 weeks, when with a bit of luck, we will have one winner.

All we ask is that you keep safe and enjoy your return to bowls.