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Officers & Committee 2022

Club President Gill Callaghan. Club Vice President Doreen Butt.

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Club Chairperson

Ken Powney

Club Captain

Bob French

01884 250208

Club Secretary

Maureen Robertson

Club Treasurer

Tony Sykes

Club Fixture Secretary

Doreen Butt

01884 253651  [email protected]

Safeguarding Officer

Janet Cole

Club Competition Secretary

Chris Hammett

Men's Section Captain

Bob French

Men's Section Vice Captain

Bob Gregory

Ladies Section Captain

Doreen Butt

Ladies Section Vice Captain

Angela Hill

Club Vice Chairperson

Dickie Clarke

Club Assistant Secretary

Club Assistant Treasurer

 Sonia Moore

Green Keeper & Assistant

Tony Sykes & John Clapp

Bar Manager

Stuart Andrews

Club Social Secretary

Edna Browning

Section 2 Representatives

Maureen Robertson & Tony Sykes

County Trophy Team Managers

Jordon Tinham & Tony Sykes