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Weekly Round-up

Report for weekending 20th September 2019.

On Saturday morning the Men's Singles Championship was played between Dickie Clarke and John Clapp.

After 11 ends there was only one shot dividing them in Dickies favour. He pressed on to take the victory in a close game.

Well played both of you. Congratulations Dickie.

In the afternoon we travelled over the moor to Porlock for our bi-annual fixture with the nice people from Porlock and District Bowling Club. With the sun on our backs, a fast running green and good company I'm sure we all had an enjoyable afternoon. At the tea break we were ahead on three of the five triples, but by the end we had lost on three but won well on two and therefore overall having the better shot count but it was decided to call the match a draw.

West End 90, Porlock 71. Results:-

C Harder, A Gribble, P Herring                                     10 - 17

C Hammett, S Herring, M Willavoys                             22 - 11

N Howard, A Hill, D Blackwell                                      31 -  7

B Husbands, G Jarrett, A Mason                                10 - 18

C Penney, D Butt, K Berry                                         17 - 18..


On Sunday it was our visitors turn to cross the moor as we welcomed Watchet to West End. Although played in a friendly atmosphere Watchet gave us a good hiding winning on four of the five triples and overall, with the same shot difference as when we played at their place in June minus 34.

West End 52, Watchet 86. Results:-         

B Kerslake, M Stevens,  S Herring                       11 - 20

M Slade, C Harder, P Herring                              13 - 11

D Stevens, G Callaghan, B Pulsford                    13 - 15

B Husbands, A Howell, C Slade                           9 - 19

 E Browning, S Butt, T Sykes                               6 - 21..


Two midweek friendly's this week both away, on Tuesday we travelled up to Bideford (Strand), where we only managed to win one triple losing the other five and overall, maybe we're getting tired, it's been a hard season.

West End 73, Bideford Strand 108. Results:-

N Howard, K Kelly, D Blackwell                         18 - 16

M Stevens, G Hake, R Gregory                            9 - 17

T Gribble, K Powney, C Slade                             16 - 17

M Slade, C Penney, D Butt                                  13 - 18

C Powney, R Enright, T Sykes                               8 - 19

E Browning, R Harder, E Edworthy                        9 - 21..     


For our final friendly of the season we travelled up the motorway to Wellington.

Taking six triples again we went one better than Tuesday winning two but losing on the other four and overall. The score mattered not one jot as everyone had a great afternoons bowling with friends in the sun.

West End 87, Wellington 105. Results:-

T Gribble, G Jarrett, J Barrie                               23 - 14

D Stevens, C Hammett, J Clapp                          14 - 22

B Husbands, R Gregory, D Butt                           13 - 23

M Stevens, G Hake, R Harder                              11 - 16

S Butt, B Moore, A Hill                                           13 - 11

S Moore, B Enright, E Edworthy                            13 - 19..


Club Competition Winners 2019

Knapman Cup -- Men's Singles Championship.

Winner :- Richard Clarke,       Runner-up :- John Clapp.


Shapland Cup -- Men's Singles Handicap.

Winner :- Richard Clarke,       Runner-up :- Graham Reardon.


Grater Cup -- Men's Pairs.

Winners :- Chris Hammett & Dennis Blackwell,

Runners-up :- Barry Kerslake & Richard Clarke.


Jim Andrews Bowl -- Men's Over 60's Singles.

Winner :- Richard Clarke,       Runner-up :- Tony Sykes.


Robbie Cup -- Men's Two Wood Singles.

Winner :- Barry Kerslake,       Runner-up :- Dennis Blackwell.


Archibald Cup -- Men's Unbadged Singles.

Winner :- Tony Sykes,            Runner-up :- Colin Penney.


Shapland Cup -- Mixed Pairs.

Winners :- Bob French & Maureen Robertson,

Runners-up :- John Clapp & Angie Hill.


Western Counties Cup -- Open Singles.

Winner :- Richard Clarke,       Runner-up :- Chris Slade.


Wakefield Cup -- Ladies Singles Championship.

Winner :- Chris Slade,             Runner-up :- Margaret Sampson.


Bulpin Cup -- Ladies Two Wood Singles.

Winner :- Chris Slade,             Runner-up :- Gill Callaghan.



Report for weekending 13th September 2019.

On Saturday morning 2 Club finals were played, the Men's 2 wood and the open Singles. Dennis Blackwell played Barry Kerslake in the Men's 2 wood and as you would expect the scores ticked along nicely and pretty even. Going into the 20th end Barry held a two shot lead. We've been here before with the ladies, If Dennis could score 2 they would be level for the last end. Sure enough he was holding 2, but Barry had the last wood and he drew the perfect bowl to take the shot and the match.  Well played both of you and congratulations Barry.

In the second final the Open Singles Chris Slade played Dickie Clarke and lead until the 12th end which Dickie won he then changed the mat length and the course of the game. Chris could not settle with the longer jack length and Dickie pulled ahead and on to victory. Well played both of you. Congratulations Dickie.

For our first friendly of the week The Borough made the long trip over the river to Westexe. Although this game is called a local derby it has always been played in a very friendly atmosphere, Saturday's game was no exception. Four triples enjoyed an afternoons bowling in good company.

West End 80, Tiverton Borough 49. results:--

C Andrews, G Jarrett, C Penney                                  16 - 17

C Hammett, T Gribble, A Hill                                        22 - 13

S Butt, E Browning, D Blackwell                                   17 - 13

M Slade, C Slade, B French                                          25 -  6..

On Saturday afternoon I was asked if I would mark the Ladies Championship final on Sunday morning and I nearly turned it down, saying it should be marked by a lady. Boy would I be kicking myself if I had turned it down, it was one of the best games I have ever officiated on. Played between Margaret Sampson and Chris Slade, it was a master class of pure bowling skill. 

So many time in the first 17 ends Margaret's toucher held only for Chris to draw in the 6inch gap between bowl and jack or move the jack just those few inches to pick up two shots. But Margaret did not give up, after 21 ends there was only two shots in it. The tension was growing. Chris went on to win four of the next six ends and the match. I was exhausted just watching and that's the saddest part, I was the only one watching.

Well played ladies a wonderful game. Congratulations Chris, Ladies Champion.

On Sunday afternoon four rinks travelled up the motorway to Taunton for a friendly at Vivary.  The end result was close with each club winning on two rinks,  West End however came out winners overall.

West End 75, Taunton Vivary 68. Results:-

C Andrews, B Moore, M Willavoys, K Berry                 14 - 24

B Husbands, S Butt, M Robertson, P Herring               21 - 15

S Moore, S Andrews, B kerslake, S Herring                 17 - 18

C Harder, T Gribble, D Butt, B French                          23 - 11..

Sadly our game at home on Monday against Ilfracombe was rained off.

On Tuesday we made our annual coach trip down to Teignmouth Den. The day was not as hot as was the day The Den visited us but the warmth of the welcome we always receive made up for the cooler temperature. The match was played in a truly friendly spirit, with the visitors we brought along also laughing and heckling from the end of the rinks. As at our place The Den won on three rinks and we won on two, but unlike at home where we won overall this time we lost by one shot.

West End 92, Teignmouth Den 93. Results:-

G Lee, A Howells, M Robertson, J Clapp                     17 - 19

S Moore, B Kerslake, C Hammett, D Butt                    20 - 10

B Husbands, J Cole, B Moore, C Slade                         27 - 18

E Payne, C Powney, K Kelly, D Blackwell                    14 - 30

N Howard, M Slade, G Jarrett, B French                      14 - 16..

Wednesday saw us cross the river for our return match with Tiverton Park. After our narrow victory of 9 shots last week (81 to 72) I suspected Park would bring out the big guns for this game, after all there was more than pride at stake.

This home and away match is played for the Dave Johnson Shield.

Tiverton's Tony Clarke and his team played well and managed to win against Bob Pulsford's West End team. Captain Bob French drew against Tiverton Captain  George Reed.  Dennis Blackwell and Ken Berry won against Mike Turner and Garfield Barnett.

West End 64, Tiverton (Park) 62.  Results:-

C Andrews, K Powney, B Moore, B Pulsford                 14 - 19

B Husbands, J Cole, G Callaghan, B French,                13 - 13

S Butt, T Gribble, D Butt, D Blackwell                            22 - 18

S Moore, B Enright, C Powney, K Berry                       15 - 12..

Winning both the home and away legs means West End win the Shield this year

Thursday afternoon saw the Mixed pairs Final played between Angie Hill and John Clapp and Maureen Robertson and Bob French. This match drew quite a crowd, with the hot money on Angie and John. That was not the way it was to be though. After a few nice draws by Maureen and a few lucky wicks by Bob they were in front. Some of the delivery's drew gasps of admiration from the crowd, some cries of exasperation, "why did he play that hand", "can't he see the jack". Everyone was on the edge of their seats, even the kids in the play area were screaming.   And as hard as Angie and John tried they could not quite catch-up.

After 21 ends of great bowling Maureen and Bob were the winners. Well played all of you and congratulations the Maureen and Bob, Mixed Pairs Champions.

Friday saw the much anticipated  Handicap Final between Dickie Clarke and Graham Reardon. With Graham scratch and Dickie plus 7 on paper this looked like a close game even though the bookies had Dickie as favourite.

By 9 ends it looked as though the form book was out of the window as Graham stormed into a good lead, but as is the way with these things once Dickie got the jack he changed the length and never looked back, winning 11 of the next thirteen ends and the match. Well played both of you. Congratulations Dickie.



Report for weekending 6th September 2019.

Yes September, can you believe it, where has the season gone?

One things for sure is with the end of the season comes the club finals and the second final to have been played was the Ladies 2 wood between Chris Slade and Gill Callaghan. Chris took an early lead and by the 12th end she was 13 -3 up but Gill fought her way back and by the 20th end there was only one shot in it. If Chris scored one she would win, if Gill scored one they would need an extra end. Could Gill score two on the last end?, no, Chris took one shot and the title. Well played the both of you. Congratulations Chris.

On Saturday we travelled down to Topsham for our first friendly of the week where we were made very welcome. The weather was kind to us and the green was a pleasure to play on.

We managed to win on two rinks but lost on three and overall West End 78, Topsham 99.  results:-

D Knowles, K Kelly, C Hammett, G Callaghan                      11 - 22

C harder, B Gregory, D Butt, P Herring                                  15 - 23

B Husbands, E Browning, J Clapp, T Sykes                            21 - 16

G Jarrett, T Gribble, B Kerslake, J Tinham                              25 - 12

A Hill, N Howard, S Herring, B French                                      6 - 26..

On Sunday we hosted The Ken White Trophy. Two rinks from West End played along with two from Tiverton (Park) and two from Tiverton Borough.

Our teams for the day were J Tinhan, B French, M Robertson, G Callaghan and K Berry, J Cole, B Pulsford, P Burton.

With President Ken Berry taking charge of proceedings on the green and Michael Willavoys working his magic on the results table you would have thought West End would have won, but no that honour went to Tiverton (Park) well played all of you.

Congratulations to all Tiverton players because at the end of the day friendship and  BOWLS won overall.

Well maybe not, for after I had written this I learnt that a member from Borough was not happy with the result so it was checked and guess what West End came joint first and now Borough who were second were now last.  oops.

On Monday we played a rearranged game against Tiverton (Park), this should have been our first friendly of the season but it was cancelled due to rain. Although it was chilly and cloudy the rain held off for us at the second attempt.

We lost two triples but won  three and overall.  West End 81, Tiverton Park 72. Results:-

T Gribble, E Edworthy, G Callaghan                                13 - 18

B Husbands, A Hill, B Pulsford                                        19 - 11

C Harder, M Robertson, T Sykes                                     23 - 13

E Browning, C Hammett, R White                                     8 - 23

C Andrews, B Kerslake, D Butt                                        18 -  7..

On Tuesday afternoon the  Club Men's Pair  Finals was played between

 D Blackwell and C Hammett and R Clarke and B Kerslake. Chris and Dennis got off to a flying start building up a good lead by end 9. Barry and Dickie won 10 & 11, but then Chris and Dennis sprinted off again, winning the match with three ends to spare. Well played everyone. Congratulations to Chris and Dennis.

On Wednesday we welcomed our friends from Paignton, having visited them back in July. On a chilly afternoon, with rain a constant threat, many friendships were renewed and a few new ones made. Although we lost on two rinks we won on three and overall.

West End 109, Paignton 68. Results :-

E Browning, N Howard, G Jarrett, N Clarke                          30 - 13

A Hill, R Robertson, M Robertson, B Pulsford                      21 - 14

G Lee, G Hake, S Herring, B French                                   16 - 17

J Cole, B Enright, T Sykes, P Herring                                  15 - 21

B Husbands, B kerslake, D Butt, D Blackwell                      27 -  3..

On Thursday we made our bi-annual pilgrimage up to Bridgwater, (the former club of Capt. Bob) with a number of members leaving early to enjoy the local hostelries for a meal before the game. The warmth of the welcome we were given made up for the chilly wind that blew all afternoon. In a competitive but friendly game we won on two rinks, lost on three and overall. I heard a rumour that from holding one shot one of our skips delivered a wood which took out his holder and gave away six, he then went down seven. That said he did go on to win so I won't mention his name.  West End 92, Bridgwater 104. Results:-

S Butt, T Gribble, J Barrie, S Herring                                    27 - 17

N Howard, E Browning, B Kerslake, A Herring                     13 - 24

S Moore, M Stevens, B Gregory, J Clapp                            15 - 20

A Hill, B Moore, C Hammett, D Butt                                     17 - 24

D Stevens, B Enright, G Callaghan, B French                     20 - 19..

Meanwhile back at home the Men's over 60's final was being played out by Dickie Clarke and Tony Sykes. For the first 12 ends the match drifted from Dickie to Tony and back with both on nine shots. On the 13th end Dickie upped his game, eventually coming out the winner. Well played both of you and congratulations Dickie.

Dodging the rain showers on Friday we played a friendly at home, our visitors were Uffculme. What with over 60's games, County Trophy and Presidents Trophy this was almost a home game for Uffculme they have been to our place so many times this season. Nevertheless we won on four rinks and overall, losing on only one rink. Thanks to Tony and Barry for stepping in late and Edna who played for Uffculme as they were one player short.  West End 93, Uffculme 81. Results:-

C Andrews, T Gribble, D Blackwell                              15 - 13

K Kelly, G Hake, B Kerslake                                         13 - 30

B Husbands, D Butt, B Berry                                        18 - 14

S Butt, G Callaghan, B French                                      30 - 12

S Andrews, M Robertson, K Berry                               17 - 12..

Do you know at the end of the game I once again heard one of the opposition say this was the best green they had played on all season. Our thanks for such compliments must go to our green keepers Ken Kelly and John Clapp and their team who turn up come rain or shine to ensure the green is mowed, spiked, watered and generally cared for. Thanks guys.


Report for weekending 30-8-2019

Our first game this week was a friendly at Exonia on Saturday. It was lucky Doreen only forgot her glasses if she had forgotten her bowls she would have been well beaten. As it was we lost on all four rinks.

West End 49, Exonia 74.   Results:-

C Harder, E Browning, C Penney, J Clapp                   11 - 14

S Moore, B Enright, A Hill, B French                             16 - 20

D Knowles, G Jarrett, B Moore, G Callaghan               15 - 16

B Husbands, T Gribble, M Robertson, D Butt                7 - 24..

Our Sunday game against Exmouth Madeira was cancelled due to lack of support, we were unable to get 24 players.

All too soon along comes Wednesday and the last week of the Exeter and District men's over 60's league. The A and C teams were both at home playing Seaton B and Crediton C respectively, the B team were away at Cullumpton.

All games were reduced to just 12 ends due to heavy rain.

No match is easy and just because you are playing the team at the bottom of the league you must put in the effort and that's just what the A team did winning on both rinks, winning the match and the 2nd division. Congratulations to you all.

West End A 28 Seaton 20. Results:-

T Sykes, B Pulsford, R L Clarke                                             12 - 11

D Blackwell, K Berry, R K Clarke                                          16 -  9..

The B team are sitting comfortably in the middle of the table, above Borough on shot difference with Tiverton (Park) at the bottom of division 5. We played the team second in the division, who had aspirations of winning the division, well we put a stop to that, winning on both rinks. It's a funny old game one week we lost to the bottom team the next we beat the 2nd best team.

 West End B 32 Cullumpton 15. Results :-

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratton                                               11 -  9

H Cole, C Hammett, B French                                                21 -  6..

The C team had a hard game against the team who are one place below them in the 6th division, but with a game in hand over the C team. Unfortunately we could only manage a win on one rink losing on the other and overall.

West End C 14, Crediton C 23.  Results:-

M Slade, C Penney, G Reardon                                              12 -  5

E Payne, K White, R Harder                                                     2 - 18..

On Thursday we travelled up to Fremington for our annual away game at Byeways. Although the Byeways players are competitive they always make us welcome and an enjoyable afternoon was had by al, playing on a very nice greenl. We managed to win on four of the six rinks but lost overall by just two shots. I think John was using Doreen's glasses.  West End 86, Byeways 88. Results:-

N Howard, D Butt, J Barrie                                           6 - 28

B Husbands, T Gribble, P Herring                                 19 -  7

D Stevens, R Harder, B French                                     20 - 16

M Stevens, C Hammett, T Sykes                                   11 - 19

D Knowles, B Kerslake, S Herring                                 13 - 11

E Browning, E Edworthy, B Pulsford                              17 -  7..

During the week the ladies Championship semi-final was played between G Callaghan and C Slade, with C Slade winning a very tight game.

Unnoticed the men's unbadged singles final was also played between Tony Sykes and Colin Penney. With Tony Sykes winning the first final of the season. Well done Tony.

Report for weekending 23-8-2019.

On Saturday morning Bridport contacted Doreen to cancel the afternoons game, they were worried about the weather.

On Sunday our friends from Burnham-on-sea travelled down to Westexe for the return match. West End managed to win two rinks and overall, despite losing on three rinks.

West End 102, Burnham-on-sea 80. Results:-

J Cole, S Andrews, B Moore, B Kerslake                     15 - 17

E Browning, N Howard, R Gregory, K Berry                26 - 17

B Husbands, R Enright, B French, D Butt                    31 -  8

C Andrews, G Lee, G Callagham, M Willavoys            17 - 21

S Moore, D Knowles, M Shillabeer, B Pulsford            13 - 17.

For the men's Exeter Over 60's league this week the A team were away at Feniton playing the hawks, the B team was at home to St. Thomas C and the C team who had played their away game against Uffculme B in June at home as Uffculme's green was waterlogged were away at Uffculme on Tuesday.  In a close and exciting game West End C managed to win one rink and overall to score six points.  West End C 37, Uffculme B 34.  Results :-

E Payne, B Gregory, R Harder                                        18 - 14

G Lee, C Penney, G Reardon                                         19 - 20..

The A Team too had a close match with the same outcome as the C team (although how this happened I'm sure no one knows, it should have been 2-0).Their six points keeps them top of division 2. 

West End A 36, Fenition Hawks 33.  Results:-

B kerslake, K Berry, R L Clarke                                    17 - 18

D Blackwell, B Pulsford, R K Clarke                             19 - 15..

The B team were not quite so lucky, only winning on one rink but losing on the other and overall, still 2 points is better than none.

West End B 30, St. Thomas C 38.  Results:-

M Newcombe, C Hammett, A Mason                                     16 - 13

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratton                                              14 - 25..

On Thursday we travelled up to Minehead, did we manage to better our result from when they came to us last month?, well we only managed to win one rink again but cut the shot difference down from 17 to 11 so we did get better. Maybe next year.

West End 64, Minehead 75.  Results:-

T Gribble, D Butt, B Pulsford                                       14 - 21

A Hill, B Gregory, S Herring                                         11 - 12

N Howard, B kerslake, P Herring                                  10 - 14

E Payne, G Jarrett, B French                                        11 - 18

E Browning, E Edworthy, J Barrie                                18 - 10..

On a very hot Friday we crossed over the river to play at The Borough.

I think one or two of our players fell in the river on the way over.  We won on two rinks but lost on two and overall.

West End 56, Borough 69.  Results:-

M Slade, C Hammett, G Callaghan                                15 - 12

H Cole, C Slade, C Penney                                            16 - 20

D Knowles, B Kerslake, B Pulsford                                  6 - 29

J Cole, G Reardon, R Harder                                         19 -  8..

A number of semi-finals were played this week.

 In the men's Un-badged Tony Sykes beat Bob French and Colin Penney beat Mike Slade. In the over 60's Tony Sykes beat Ken Berry. In the men's 2 wood Barry kerslake beat Richard Clarke, yes that's right Barry won. In the handicap Richard Clarke beat John Clapp.   In the men's pairs Chris Hammett and Dennis Blackwell beat Bryan Moore and Bob French.

In the mixed pairs Angie Hill and John Clapp beat Gill Callaghan and Tony Sykes. In the Club Open Singles Richard Clarke beat Margaret Sampson.

In the ladies Championship Margaret Sampson beat Sonia Moore.

In the Ladies 2wood Chris Slade beat Maureen Robertson.

We now know most of this years finalists. :--

Mixed Pairs:- A Hill & J Clapp to play M Robertson & B French.

Mixed Singles :- R Clarke to play Mrs. C Slade.

Men's 2wood singles :- B Kerslake to play D Blackwell.

Men's Over 60's :- T Sykes to play R Clarke.

Men's Unbadged :- T Sykes to play C Penney.

Men's Championship :- J Clapp to play R Clarke.

Men's Handicap R Clarke to play G Reardon.

Men's Pairs :- D Blackwell & C Hammett to play R Clarke & B Kerslake.

The ladies still have a couple of semi-finals to complete.


Report for weekending 16th August 2019.

Lets go back a couple of weeks then to when we visited Taunton Deane, we managed a draw on one rink but lost on the other three and overall.   West End 53, Taunton Deane 80. Results:-

S Butt, A Hill, M Willavoys                                 15 - 15

B Husbands, E Browning, B Gregory                14 - 17

C Andrews, G Jarrett, T Sykes                            9 - 17       

C Harder, S Andrews, D Butt                              15 - 31..

Strong winds and the prospect of rain meant our opponents for Saturdays home friendly against Ashleigh Road, Barnstaple was cancelled by Ashleigh road.

Our open day on Sunday was attended by many members and their families with a few members of the public and between the showers a great afternoons bowling was had. Followed by a cream tea.

On Monday we travelled down to the coast, where we received a warm and friendly welcome from Starcross Bowls Club. It was a most enjoyable afternoons bowling, playing on a very fine green. Sadly we only managed to win on two rinks loosing on three and overall.

West End 75, Starcross 101. Results:-

S Moore, C Hammett, T Sykes                            17 - 34

B Husbands, G Hake, E Edworthy                      16 - 12

M Robertson, B Moore, B Pulsford                       9 - 23

B Kerslake, R Harder, G Calaghan                      19 - 11

C Harder, b Gregory, B French                            14 - 21..

Tuesday proved a busy day for internal competitions which are now all at the semi-final stage.

In the men's Championship R K Clarke beat K Berry in a tight match. In the Open Singles Mrs. C Slade beat T Sykes.

In the Mixed Pairs  Mrs. M Robertson and B French defeated Mrs. M Sampson and M Slade.

In the Men's Pairs R K Clarke and B Kerslake just managed to overcome J Clapp and G Reardon in a very close game.

Wednesday is men's Exeter and District over 60's league, this week the A team were away at Dawlish, shame it wasn't sunny they could have gone for a dip before the game. The B and C teams were both at home to Wellington A and Bradninch A respectively.  With so much rain in the morning it was ground sheet time.

Maybe one rink from the A team did go for a dip as they lost overall,  but did win on one rink.

West End A 27, Dawlish Marina A 35.  Result:-

T Sykes, R L Clarke, R K Clarke                                   18 - 14

R White, B Pulsford, K Berry                                          9 - 21.

Wellington A are top of division five so the B team knew this would be a hard game and so it proved. We managed to win on one rink but lost on the other and overall. West End B 26,  Wellington A 29.  Results:-

K Kelly, M Newcombe, J Barrie                                    16 - 13

H Cole, C Hammett, B French                                       10 - 16.

With team captain Ken looking on the C team fought hard against a team two places above them and in the end managed a win on one rink and overall victory by just one shot. West End C 30, Bradninch A 29. Results:-

G Lee, C Penney, G Reardon                                         13 - 16

E Payne, R Gregory, R Harder                                        17 - 13..

For the last game of the week six rinks travelled over to Crediton for a "friendly", we could only manage to win on two rinks, losing on four and overall. West End 103, Crediton 139.  Results:-

S Moore, D Knowles, T Sykes, B French                      12 - 33

C Andrews, E Browning, R Gregory, J Clapp               13 - 24

G Lee, T Gribble, D Butt, J Barrie                                   8 - 31

M Slade, B Enright, B Kerslake, S Herring                     21 -  9

B Husbands, K Kelly, G Hake, P Herring                        31 - 16

E Payne, B Moore, B Pulsford, G Callaghan                   18 - 26..

There were no more games this week due to rain.



Report for weekending 9th August 2019.

Our first friendly the week was at home against Combe Martin.

Now when we went to their place I said how friendly they were and at tea it appeared that we were not being friendly to them as we were up 56 to 38. The mid-match rest must have been good for them though as shortly after tea one rink scored a hot shot against us, and the pendulum started to swung their way. In the end we won three rinks but lost on two and overall.

West End 99 Combe Martin 105. Results:-

B Husbands, E Browning, B Gregory, D Blackwell                      19 - 23

C Andrews, M Robertson, J Clapp, A Mason                              21 - 10

C Harder, T Gribble, D Butt, J Tinham                                           9 - 33

A Howells, B Enright, B Berry, J Barrie                                        23 - 16

J Cole, S Andrews, C Hammett, B French                                    27 - 14..

On Sunday we travelled away to Taunton Deane, I've no idea what happened as I've not seen the cards.

On Tuesday, despite the showers, we entertained Minehead at home, we did not fair well. Winning on only one rink and losing overall.

West End 53, Minehead 80. Results:-

A Howells, G Hake, R Harder                                              16 - 23

S Butt, J Cole, C Slade                                                        11 - 18

E Browning, B Moore, B French                                          13 - 27

S Moore, T Gribble, E Edworthy                                         13 - 12..

Along comes Wednesday and the men's over 60 league, This week the A team, who still hold top spot in division 2, were at home to Culm Vale A. The B & C teams both were away, although the B team only had to go across town to Tiverton (Park), the C team travelled in to Exeter for their game against Heavitree B who are just one place above them in the league.

The A team game was always going to be close and so it proved with both games decided on the last end, one we won, one we lost. Overall the match was a draw. West End A 29, Culm Vale A 29. Results:-

T Sykes, B Berry, K Berry                                                   12 - 14

D Blackwell, R L Clarke, R K Clarke                                  17 - 15.

The B team had to fight hard for their one point, drawing on one rink losing on the other.   West End B 31, Tiverton 39. Results:-

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratten                                           13 - 21

H Cole, C Hammett, A Mason                                             18 - 18.

For the C team it was a bad afternoon losing on both rinks.

West End C 35, Heavitree B 40. Results:-

G Lee, C Penney, G Reardon                                               19 - 22

E Payne, R Gregory, R Harder                                             16 - 18..

Internal club competitions are now all entering the semi-final stages. In the men's over 60's Dicky Clarke overcame Graham Reardon to progress to the final. However in the handicap semi-final Graham Reardon beat Bob French to get to that final. In the men's Championship semi-final John Clapp beat Barry Kerslake. Rain prevented other games being played.


Report for weekending 2nd August 2019.

For our first friendly of the week we welcomed United Services to Westexe, where on a nice sunny afternoon we all enjoyed a game of friendly bowls.

The match was very evenly balanced, with West End ahead on 5 rinks at tea. However we must have drunk the wrong tea, as in the second half United Services came back finally winning on 4 rinks to our 2 and winning overall.

West End 121, United Services 126.  Results:-

G Lee, E Browning, K White, P Herring                        22 - 23

B Husbands, C Powney, C Hammett, T Sykes            21 - 18

S Butt, C Andrews, B Kerslake, B Berry                      17 - 22

E Payne, T Gribble, B Pulsford, D Butt                        29 - 16

G Churchill, B Moore, B Enright, J Clapp                    11 - 24

A Howells, S Andrews, K Powney, D Blackwell           21 - 23..

On Sunday Kingswood & Hanham made their biannual trip down the motorway. Stopping off at The Fisherman's Cot for lunch and a drink before  arriving  at the Green.  The afternoon was warm and sunny, the company good and the bowls competitive. At the end both clubs had won three rinks and a draw was declared, although K & H had won on shots 107 to 126. Results:-

G Lee, B Moore, C Hammett, D Butt                            16 - 23

C Andrews, B Husbands, K White, D Blackwell           17 - 16

S Moore, D Knowles, B Gregory, J Barrie                    24 - 18

C Harder, B Kerslake, M Robertson, M Willavoys        26 - 20

S Butt, R Robertson, B Pulsford, M Shillabeer             11 - 27

S Andrews, E Browning, K Powney, K Berry               13 - 22..

On Monday our green again became a neutral green for the 5th Round of the Tony Alcock trophy, played between Bath Men's Bowls Club from Somerset and Chacewater Bowls Club from Cornwall. Chacewater were the winners and now progress to the finals at Leamington Spa.

Our friendly on Tuesday at North Petherton was rained off.

Wednesday is men's over 60's league with the A team away at Budleigh Salterton, the B team were at home to Tiverton Borough and the C team entertained Exmouth Madeira D at home. The A team took maximum points winning on both rinks.

West End A 45, Budleigh Salterton 28. Results:-

B Kerslake, R L Clarke, R K Clarke                              30 - 14

R White, B Berry, B Pulsford                                        15 - 14..

The B team won one and lost one rink, winning overall to claim the bonus points, however this still leaves us below Borough in the league.  West End B 42, Borough 39.  Results:-

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratten                                      28 - 16

K Kelly, C Hammett, J Barrie                                        14 - 23.

The C team managed a win on one rink, but lost on the second and overall. West End C 23 - Madeira D 37. Results:-

G Lee, R Gregory, G Reardon                                       21 - 11

M Slade, K White, C Penney                                          3 - 26.

Thursday brought South Molton to our green in the County Trophy, this will be our last game this season as Bradninch will not be playing next week and it was more a massacre than a game. We lost on all rinks and overall. West End 49, South Molton 95. Results:-

R White, B Enright, A Mason, B Pulsford                    16 - 22

K White, B Gregory, T Sykes, J Tinham                       9  - 25

D Blackwell, K Kelly, C Hammett, D Clarke                 15 - 19

B Kerslake, E Payne, B French, J Clapp                       9 - 29..

You would think Clappy's brother would have gone easy on him.

In County matches J Cole and S Moore won the area final in the Unbadged Ladies pairs against M Burnell and S Maddocks from Tiverton Bowls Club. The Quarter final will be played on our green before Aug 30th. Please give support.

In the County Triples S Moore, B Moore and D Clarke won their match at South Molton against J Griffin & co. thereby winning section 2. They now move onto the county semi-final at Torquay on September 21st.

In the men's Championship B Kerslake beat B Husbands.

In the men's handicap J Clapp beat B Husbands.


Report for weekending 26th July 2019.

For our first friendly this week we travelled to Barnstaple Rock Park.

We were welcomed by many old friends and during an afternoon of bowls made a number of new ones whilst playing on a very nice green. We managed to win on four rinks, lost on two and won overall. West End 118, Rock Park 86. Results:-

S Moore, H Cole, B Moore, P Herring                              23 -  9

E Payne, E Browning, B Pulsford, J Tinham                  15 - 19

M Robertson, B Gregory, S Herring, B French               20 - 13

G Lee, B Enright, G Callaghan, J Barrie                         21 - 13

B Kerslake, T Gribble, D Butt, A Mason                         14 - 22

B Husbands, M Shillabeer, C Hammett, D Blackwell     25 - 10..

On Sunday we were to have our Charity Day, but due to unforeseen circumstances this was cancelled.

Wednesday was hot and sunny for the men's Exeter Over 60's league, with the A & B teams both at home to Exmouth Madeira E and Topsham White respectively and the C Team away at Ottery St. Mary B.

The A team had a very good day winning again on both rinks, thereby keeping top spot in Division 2. West End A 50, Mareira  E 25. Results:-

B Kerslake, B Pulsford, K Berry                           34 - 11

D Blackwell, T Sykes, R K Clarke                       16 - 14.

The B team had a very good game too, also winning on both rinks. The result means we move above Topsham. West End B 41, Topsham White 26. Results:-

H Cole, C Hammett, A Mason                            18 - 15

K Kelly, M Newcombe, J Barrie                          23 - 11.

This was a very good turnaround for J Barrie's team as they lost by a similar score on the away fixture.

The C team were not so lucky this week being away at Ottery who are the current league leaders, losing on both rinks.

West End C 30, Ottery St. Mary B 48.  Results:-

E Payne, B Gregory, R Harder                             10 - 25

K Powney, C Penney, G Reardon                        20 - 23.

On Thursday night the men travelled to Uffculme for their County Trophy match,  won on two rinks, lost on two but winning overall.

West End 87, Uffculme 67.  Results :-

R White, B Enright, A Mason, B Pulsford           29 - 12

D Blackwell, K Powney, C Hammett, D Clarke   28 - 12

B Kerslake, E Payne, B French, K Berry             19 - 25

T Sykes, B Gregory, J Clapp, J Tinham              11 - 18.


With the men away at Uffculme the ladies entertained Uffculme ladies at home in the presidents Trophy, losing on both rinks.

West End 20, Uffculme 53. Results :-     

G Churchill, G Jarrett, A Hill                    16 - 23

C Andrews, C Slade, G Hake                   4 - 30.


On Friday we welcomed the Nomads to our green for our annual friendly.

It's time West End won the trophy back and after an afternoon of competitive but friendly bowling that's just what we did. The nomads also raised £58.50 towards their charity fund. West End 107, Nomads 94. Results:-

G Churchill, C Penney, C Hammett                               16 - 16

B Husbands, J Cole, G Callaghan                                  17 - 16

S Butt, T Gribble, R Harder                                             14 - 15

H Cole, C Slade, M Newcombe                                       22 - 13

C Harder, R Robertson, M Robertson                              28 -  7

M Slade, B Kerslake, P Burton                                        10 - 27.

See photo at foot of page.

With only a few friendly's this week members took the opportunity of playing their internal games, in the Mixed pairs J Clapp and Ms. A Hill beat Mrs. C Slade and D Clarke and Mrs. G Callaghan and T Sykes beat Mrs. G Hake and B Berry. In the Men's two wood singles D Clarke beat T Sykes. In the men's Over 60's G Reardon beat C Penney and T Sykes beat B Husbands. In the handicap B French beat B Moore. In the men's unbadged singles T Sykes beat B Husbands.

The internal competitions are moving along nicely, we are now entering the semi-final stages.


Report for weekending 19th July 2019.

Our first friendly of the week on Saturday was reduced to 4 triples at the request of our visitors Feniton. We had a very enjoyable afternoon in the sun with both clubs winning on two rinks, West End winning overall. 

West End 69, Feniton 58.  Results :-

G Churchill, M Slade, B Berry                               14 - 19

G Lee, J Head, D Blackwell                                  17 - 11

S Butt, B Pulsford, M Robertson                            27 -  6

E Browning, B Enright, E Edworthy                       11 - 22.

On Monday we travelled by coach to Paighton, for the friendly that was cancelled last week. With the change of date we were short a few players but managed to borrow two from Paighton and a full rink from South Molton.

In a very exciting but friendly game each club won on three rinks with West End winning overall. West End 116, Paighton 85. Results:-

B Kerslake, D Nicholls, M Robertson, G Callaghan      11 - 22

G Lee, B Enright, G Hake, B French                             24 - 11

B Husbands, M Hodgin, B Gregory, D Butt                   16 - 18

S Moore, E Payne, B Moore, D Clarke                          28 -  9

P Hooper, G Howell, C Newby, P Booth                       23 -  9

J Cole, E Browning, B Pulsford, D Blackwell                14 - 16.

Wednesday saw the A and B teams of the men's over 60's league away at Sidmouth and Morchard Bishop respectively and the C team home to Wellington.

The A team had a game of two halves at the 6th end all looked lost as both rinks were well down, but in true West End style they both fought back and eventually won overall, thereby taking the bonus points.

West End A 33, Sidmouth A 32. Results :-

R White, B Berry, K Berry                                            10 - 17

T Sykes, B Pulsford, R K Clarke                                   23 - 15.

The B team too had a very close match, one rink dropping a five on the second end and were just unable to catch up, nevertheless we won one rink by enough to win overall to take the bonus points. West End B 30, Morchard Bishop B 27. Results:-

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratten                                       19 - 13

H Cole, C Hammett, B French                                       11 - 14.

What a week, the C team had a close match too, winning well on one rink and losing by one on the other, therefore taking the overall win and the bonus points.  West End C 33 - Wellington B 28.  Results :-

G Lee, C Penney, G Reardon                                         19 - 13

K White, R Gregory, R Harder                                         14 - 15.

On Thursday the men's County Trophy and ladies Presidents Trophy matches were both away at Bradninch.

The men won on two rinks and lost on two, but were victorious overall.

West End 89 - Bradninch 73.  Results :-

D Blackwell, B Moore, C Hammett, R K Clarke            17 - 18

B Kerslake, E Payne, B French, K Berry                       16 - 23

T Sykes, B Gregory, J Clapp, J Tinham                        19 - 13

R White, B Enright, A Mason, B Pulsford                      37 - 19.

The ladies won well on one rink and lost narrowly on the second, winning overall. West End 37, Bradninch 26. Results:-

C Harder, J Cole, G Callaghan                                      13 - 15

S Moore, S Herring, G Hake                                          24 - 11.

Finally the fine sunny weather broke and it rained overnight Thursday and Friday morning, as a result our friendly at Uffculme was cancelled.    During the week a number of internal competitions were played:-

In the mixed singles Mrs. M Sampson beat C Penney and Mrs. C Slade beat B Husbands. In the men's over 60's D Clarke beat B Kerslake and in a very tight game of 29 ends K Berry beat D Blackwell.



Report for weekending 12th July 2019.

On a hot sunny afternoon what could be better than welcoming friends to our green for a game of bowls. And so on Saturday that's what we did, our visitor's were Ottery-St-Mary. In a close game West End won three rinks, lost two but won overall. West End 96, Ottery-St-Mary 93. Rink scores:-

A Howells, R Robertson, K Powney, P Burton                       11 - 28

C Andrews, T Gribble, A Hill, D Blackwell                               34 - 11

S Moore, E Browning, M Robertson, R Harder                      15 - 14

C Harder, G Churchill, B Moore, D Butt                                 15 - 20

C Powney, B Husbands, G Jarrett, B Pulsford                       21 - 20.

With the same weather conditions on Sunday could we get the same result against our friends from South Molton, well more or less yes we could. West End and South Molton both won on three rinks, but overall we were ahead. West End 112, South Molton 102. Rink scores:-

M Slade, J Cole, E Edworthy                                                  19 - 20

E Browning, B Moore, P Burton                                              19 - 18

S Moore, T Gribble, D Butt                                                       6 - 23

C Harder, M Robertson, A Mason                                           29 -  5

S Andrews, B Gregory, G Callaghan                                      14 - 20

C Andrews, B Husbands, C Slade                                          25 - 16.

Our Monday friendly was also at home against Taunton Vivery, and as the Meatloaf song goes Two out of Three an't bad. We could not make it three wins on the bounce. Winning only one rink and losing overall. West End 50, Taunton Vivery 81. Rink scores:-

G Churchill, T Gribble, R Harder, D Blackwell                       8 - 23

C Harder, G Hake, C Penney, B French                                9 - 24

B Husbands, B Gregory, A Hill, J Clapp                                21 - 13

G Jarrett, S Butt, J Barrie, D Butt                                           12 - 21.

Our Tuesday friendly away at Paignton was postponed until next week at their request.

Wednesday it's men's Exeter & District over 60's Triples League. The A team were away at Hemyock, the B team were at home to Bradninch and the C team were away at Culm Vale.

With Hemyock and West End jostling for top spot in division 2 this was always going to be a close game. West End started the game 3 points behind and finished 1 point in front and on top of the table. Well done lads now stay there. West End A 29, Hemyock A 24. Rink scores:-

B Kerslake, B Berry, K Berry                                        11 - 16

D Blackwell, R L Clarke, R K Clarke                             18 -  8.

At the start of play the B teams opponents were eight points in front of us so a good result was required. Both West End rinks played well, winning on one rink, drawing on the other and winning overall, the gap is now only one point.

West End B 39, Bradninch B 29. Rink scores:-

M Newcombe, J Barrie, K Kelly                                    16 - 16

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratten                                      23 - 13.

The C team who were away at Culm Vale, winning well on one rink and overall. A result that will lift them to 5th in the table.

West End C 36, Culm Vale C 28. Rink scores:-

M Slade, K white, G Reardon                                        11 - 19

E Payne, R Gregory, R Harder                                       25 -  9.

The men had a bye in the County trophy this week.

The ladies were at home to Tiverton (Park) in the Presidents Trophy. Both of our rinks started well, had a quiet middle then took off winning both rinks and overall.

West End 49, Tiverton (Park) 27. Rink scores:-

G Callaghan, G Jarrett, A Hall                                                27 - 14

C Harder, G Churchill, C Slade                                               22 - 13.


In the County mixed triples Mrs. S Moore, B Moore & R K Clarke beat a  L Daniels & Co.  from Tiverton Borough.

It was a  very busy week for internal games, in the club open singles R K Clarke beat K Berry and T Sykes beat Mrs. S Moore. In the ladies singles G Callaghan beat J Kelly and in the ladies two wood singles C Slade beat S Moore.

In the men's 2 wood singles D Blackwell beat H Cole and B Kerslake beat C Penney. In the men's Championship J Clapp beat T Sykes and K Berry beat D Blackwell. In the men's handicap R K Clarke beat T Sykes and B Husbands beat D Blackwell.

In the mixed pairs Mrs, M Robertson and B French beat Mrs. E Browning and B Enright and Mrs.M Sampson and M Slade beat        Mrs. G Garrett and B Kerslake.



Report for weekending 5th July 2019.

On a very hot Saturday afternoon we remembered a past member who played such a great part in the development of West End bowling club George Bolt. The George Bolt Triples Trophy is sponsored by Walter H Squires & Son.

Played over three games of six ends each this years winner's, by shot difference were S Moore, K White and B French.

Runners-up C Andrews, C Hammett and B Pulsford. Closely followed in third spot by A Herring, T Sykes and M Robertson. 

(see photos of all the winners). A great afternoon of bowling was had by all, only interrupted by a wonderful spread for tea.

Sunday saw Bideford (Victoria Park) make the trip to West Exe Recreation ground for the return of the game we played at Victoria Park in May. Losing there by 68 could we get revenge, well actually  no we could not, but we did win on one rink and were close on two.

West End 89 Bideford (Victoria Park) 133. Rink scores:-

E Browning, R Robertson, B Gregory, J Barrie                       11 - 23

C Andrews, M Slade, M Robertson, T Sykes                          16 - 31

S Butt, C Powney, A Hill, B French                                        11 - 26

T Gribble, M Shillabeer, K Kelly, K Powney                          16 - 18

B Husbands, E Payne, B Pulsford, D Butt                            14 - 15

J Kelly, S Andrews, G Jarrett, J Clapp                                  21 - 20.


There was no let up with the heat on Tuesday when 15 members travelled up to Barnstaple for a "Friendly" with Ashleigh Road.

West End 49, Ashleigh Road 111. Rink scores:-

E Browning, E Payne, B Enright                                   7 - 22

C Andrews, B Kerslake, E Edworthy                           11 - 16

S Andrews, G Hake, K Powney                                    11 - 24

B Willis, B Husbands, C Penney                                   15 - 16

S Butt, T Gribble, B Gregory                                           5 - 33.

On Monday evening R K Clarke and R L Clarke had won their Grater pairs county match at Culm Vale and by some margin.

Could the men repeat this on Tuesday in the semi final of the Foxlands. Sadly no, the away team of D Blackwell, T Sykes, R L Clarke and R K Clarke lost, and although the home team of A Mason, J Clapp, K Berry, J Tinham won West End lost overall. West End 31 Culm Vale 42.

Wednesday is the men's over 60's league with the A and C teams at home and the B team travelling to North Tawton.

West End A 35 Honiton A 28, each side winning one rink with West End also taking the bonus points. Rink scores:-

R White, B Pulsford, K Berry                                        16 - 18

T Sykes, R L Clarke, R K Clarke                                   19 - 10.

The B team won both rinks, West End B 34 North Tawton A 24. Rink scores,

H Cole, C Hammett, B French                                       14 - 12

M Newcombe, J Barrie, A Mason                                  20 - 12.

The C team had mixed results winning on one rink and taking the bonus points. West End C 41  Phear Park B 36. Rink scores:-

G Lee, K Powney, C Penney                                          11 - 28

E Payne, B Gregory, R Harder                                        30 -  8.

This Thursday the ladies had a bye in the Presidents Trophy and the men were at home to Hemyock in the County Trophy.

West End 74, Hemyock 79. Rink scores:-

B Kerslake, K Kelly, B French, K Berry                        26 - 15

D Blackwell, K Powney, C Hammett, R K Clarke         16 - 17

E Payne, B Enright, T Sykes, B Pulsford                      18 - 28

A Mason, B Gregory, J Clapp, J Tinham                      14 - 19.

During the week a number of internal games were played. 

In the men's over 60's T Sykes beat M Slade.  In the Unbadged men's singles B French beat B Moore.

On a winning streak B French also beat H Cole in the handicap.

In a very close ladies singles championship A Hill lost to C Slade.

No luck for A Hill as she also lost the ladies two wood singles to M Robertson.

On Friday our green again became neutral for Bideford Victoria Park B who played the third round of the Tony Alcock Trophy (Mixed National two rinks) against the City of Wells Bowling club, with the City of Wells coming out winners.

Playing away, on Friday morning, at South Molton in the County Un-Badged Triples B Kerslake, T Sykes and B French lost to a triple from South Molton. R K Clarke was also unsuccessful at South Molton losing  in the County over 60's singles.


Report for weekending 29th June 2019.

On Saturday we travelled up to Watchet and were rewarded with a hot sunny afternoon and a very good bowls green to play on. West End managed to win on two rinks but lost on the other three, one game finishing early when one of our players was taken ill.

The overall victory went to Watchet with 89 shots to West End 55.

Rink scores:-

C Harder, B Enright, D Blackwell                                 21 - 11

E Payne, J Barrie, G Callaghan                                   16 - 12

B Willis, T Gribble, C Hammett                                    12 - 20

S Herring, B Gregory, B French                                     8 - 26

S Butt, P Herring, B Pulsford  at 13Ends                       8 - 20.                


The game due to be played on our green on Sunday between Devon and Wiltshire was cancelled, Wiltshire could not raise a team.


On Tuesday evening the men played their Top Team game at home to South Molton. Winning two games but losing three and therefore overall. Results:-   B Pulsford lost the 4 wood singles, D Blackwell won the 2 wood singles,

T Sykes and N Clarke lost the pairs on the tie break end, R White, C Hammett and K Berry lost the triple,

A Mason, B Gregory, J Clapp and J Tinham won the rink.

On Wednesday in the men's over 60's the A and C teams were away at Seaton and Crediton respectively, with the B team at home to Cullompton.

West End A  27 Seaton B 34. Rink scores:-

B Pulsford, B Berry, K Berry                                        16 - 16

D Blackwell, T Sykes, N Clarke                                    11 - 18.


West End B 33, Cullompton 38. Rink scores:-

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratten                                      11 - 17

H Cole, C Hammett, B French                                       22 - 21.


West End C 34 Crediton C 45. Rink scores:-

E Payne, K White, G Reardon                                       15 - 26

M Slade, B Gregory, K Powney                                     19 - 19.


Thursday saw the men visit Cullompton for their County Trophy match, they managed to win two rinks and draw on one, losing overall.

West End 80, Cullompton 90. rink scores:-

R White, B Moore, D Blackwell, T Sykes                     12 - 31

K Kelly, K White, C Hammett, B French                      28 - 20

B Kerslake, B Gregory, K Powney, J Clapp                 21 - 20

B Enright, E Payne, A Mason, J Tinham                     19 - 19.


Come Friday and our last friendly of the week, what a wonderful day blue skies and a light breeze, but very hot. So too were our visitors, Starcross, we managed only a draw on one rink losing on the other five and overall.

West End 81, Starcross 122.  Rink scores:-

G Churchill, B Moore, C Hammett                                14 - 18

C Harder, G Lee, E Edworthy                                       12 - 26

S Moore, B Kerslake, B French                                     18 - 18

S Butt, M Newcombe, D Butt                                          7 - 23

E Browning, J Cole, R Harder                                       14 - 19

B Willis, T Gribble, G Callaghan                                   16 - 18.


During the week a number of internal games were played, in the mixed pairs

A Hill and J Clapp beat S Moore and B Moore and G Callaghan and T Sykes beat J Cole and C Hammett.

In the handicap M Slade lost to T Sykes.



Week ending 21st June 2019

For our first game of the week we travelled by coach to Burnham-on-sea. 

As we sped up the motorway so the rain lashed down on us, oh dear, was this a mistake?. Arriving at the bowls club we dropped our bags and went into town for lunch, again it was raining.. But as we returned to the bowls club the sun came out and a fine afternoons bowling was had with West End winning on four rinks but losing on two, the final result was West End 100, Burnham-on-sea 108.

Rink scores:-

J Cole, B Husbands, B Moore, J Tinham                                25 - 13

G Lee, E Browning, B Gregory, J Clapp                                 14 - 29

S Moore, C Powney, C Hammett, B French                           17 - 15

B Kerslake, A Mason, B Enright, D Butt                                  16 - 13

A Hill, K Kelly, M Willavoy, J Barrie                                           8 - 24

J Kelly, H Cole, K Powney, D Clarke                                       20 - 14.

Our next friendly due to be played on Monday was cancelled by the opposition, Fremington (Byeways).

On Tuesday we travelled up to South Molton, sadly the game had to be stopped,  the rain just fell and fell. With only 9, 10, or 11 ends played, West End were in front on three and drawing on one rink, lets say the game was a draw, as overall South Molton had 51shots to West End 50 when we stopped.

 Rink scores:- 

C Powney, G Callaghan, M Robertson       @ 10 ends                       7 -  9

S Butt, E Browning, R Harder                   @ 10 ends                       5 - 11       

E Payne, B Moore, D Butt                        @ 11 ends                     12 - 10

B Husbands, J Cole, C Penney                @   9 ends                       6 -  6

C Harder, T Gribble, K Powney                 @ 11 ends                       9 -  8

B Willis, H Cole, E Edworthy                     @   9 ends                     11 -  7.

Fortunately by the evening the rain had stopped as the men played their Top Team game at home against Uffculme, winning three games, drawing one and losing one making West End the overall winners. D Blackwell lost the two wood, R K Clarke won the four wood, T Sykes, R Clarke draw the pairs, R White, B Pulsford, K Berry won the triples and B kerslake, B Gregory, J Clapp,J Tinham won the rink.

On a wet Wednesday the green became neutral for the second round of the mixed National two rinks (Tony Alcock Trophy) played between Bideford Victoria park and Westland Sports from Yeovil, with Bideford winning 37 - 28.

In the afternoon the men's over 60's A team were at home to Feniton Hawks, the B team were away at St. Thomas C and the C team should have been at Uffculme B but their ground being waterlogged they too played at home along side the A team.

West End A 38 Feniton Hawks 24. Rink scores:-

D Blackwell, T Sykes, R K Clarke                                 26 -  6

R White, B Pulsford, K Berry                                            16 - 18.

West End B 27, St. Thomas 42. Rink scores:-

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratten                                     20 - 12

K Kelly, M Newcombe, J Barrie                                      7 - 32.

West End C 45, Uffculme B 25. Rink scores:-

K Powney, K White, R Harder                                        23 -  6

G Lee, B Gregory, C Penney                                          22 - 19.

On Thursday evening the men played their County Trophy match at home against Culm Vale, winning on only one rink.

West End 72, Culm Vale 93.   Rink scores:-

D Blackwell. K Powney, C Hammett, R K Clarke          28 - 16

A Mason, B Gregory, J Clapp, J Tinham                      13 - 20

R White, E Payne, B French, B Pulsford                       18 - 32

B Kerslake, B Moore, T Sykes, K Berry                       13 - 25.

Whilst the Ladies were away at Tiverton Borough in the Presidents Trophy.

West End 35, Borough 28.  Rink scores:-

C Harder, J Cole, G Jarrett                                          10 - 21

C Andrews, J kelly, A Hill                                             25 -  7.

During the week a number of internal club competitions were played, in the men's over 60's B Husbands beat B French.

In the men's two wood K Kelly beat R Robertson, T Sykes beat B French and R K Clarke beat J Clapp.

In a county mixed triples match played on Monday evening S Moore, B Moore & R  K Clarke beat K Parkhouse, S Andrews & T McNeil from South Molton 22 - 14. On Tuesday morning in the over 60's men's singles D Clarke beat K Finan from Tiverton Borough 21 - 13.

To end the week we invited members from Tiverton Golf Club to come along and try their hand at bowling, sixteen members from the golf club turned up on a nice warm evening and together we had an enjoyable time, ending the evening chatting in the club house with our new friends.



Week ending 14th June 2019

At first it seemed this week would get off to a bad start with rain most of Friday night, but as I've said before we bowlers are hardy folk, the game was on.  And so on a damp Saturday afternoon we welcomed our friends from Rock Park for what turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon. As we stopped after10 ends for tea the sky opened and rain fell straight down, that's the end of that we thought, but as we finished our tea so too the rain stopped. By the end of the game each team had won three rinks with West End just edging an overall victory.

West End 106, Rock Park 102.  Rink scores:-

C Andrews, H Cole, K Kelly, B Pulsford                           16 - 18

G Jarrett, R Robertson, M Robertson, D Blackwell          15 - 18

M Slade, E Browning, C Hammett, B Berry                      21 - 22

J Cole, B Husband, R Gregory, J Clapp                           17 - 16

G Churchill, T Gribble, G Hake, R White                          22 - 14

J Kelly, S Andrews, K Powney, B French                          15 - 14.

Our Sunday  game was away at Heavitree. Despite the constant threat of rain it went ahead, but after a  stop start break, it was agreed to play only 18 ends. Both teams won two rinks with Heavitree winning overall.  West End 60, Heavitree 72.  Rink scores:-

B Husbands, T Gribble, B kerslake, D Butt                        24 -  8

D Knowles, S Andrews, S Herring, K Powney                  17 - 16

C Andrews, M Stevens, P Herring, B French                     14 - 18

M Slade, C Powney, B Enright, J Barrie                              5 - 30.

Monday brought the sun to West Exe Park and our visitors from Alveston and District, six rinks played a very friendly and enjoyable game of bowls with West End winning three,  drawing one and winning overall. West End 118, Alveston 111. Rink scores:-

C Slade, R Robertson, T Sykes, B Pulsford                       16 - 16

G Churchill, E Payne, G Reardon, K Powney                    11 - 21

B Kerslake, T Gribble, M Robertson, B French                  27 - 18

J Kelly, M Slade, G Callaghan, J Clapp                             24 - 18

B Husband, G Jarrett, K Kelly, B Berry                               22 - 17

G Lee, C Powney, B Gregory, J Barrie                               18 - 21.

After the game Edna and the kitchen team provided a superb  meal for our visitor's, which was very well received.

Wednesday saw the men from the B & C teams travelling and the A team at home. Shame the B & C teams weren't at home as well.

The A team played Dawlish Marina A winning on both rinks.

West End A 33, Dawlish Marina A 18. Rink scores:-

B Kerslake, B Pulsford, K Berry                                         13 - 11

R White, T Sykes, R K Clarke                                             20 -  7.

The B team played a strong Wellington A side losing on both rinks.

West End B 19, Wellington A 44. Rink scores:-

K Kelly, M Newcombe, J Barrie                                           9 - 24

H Cole, C Hammett, B French                                             10 - 20.

The C team were away to Bradninch A and just like the B team lost on both rinks. West End C 23, Bradninch A 44. Rink scores:-

E Payne, B Gregory, C Penney                                             9 - 20

M Slade, K Powney, G Reardon                                          14 - 24.

On Thursday the Ladies were at home for their Presidents Trophy game but cancelled it due to the inclement weather. However the men are made of sterner stuff and travelled to South Molton for their County Trophy game, losing on all four rinks. Maybe not so stern afterall. West End 51 South Molton 100. Rink scores:-

D Blackwell, K Powney, C Hammett, D Clarke                  14 - 24

R White, E Payne, T Sykes, B Pulsford                                8 - 26

K Kelly, B Gregory, J Clapp, J Tinham                              14 - 20

B Kerslake, B Moore, C Wratten, B French                       15 - 30.

During the week a game in the Club mixed pairs was played with

C Slade and R Clarke beating J Kelly and K Kelly, and in the men's pairs K Powney and D Blackwell beat B Enright and T Sykes.

Report for weekending 7th June 2019.

On Saturday, at the start of a very busy week, we again welcomed Cornwell ladies for their Johns match against Worcester, not only did we provide a wonderful green for them to play on but after the game a wonderful meal was provided by Edna and the West End catering team.

On Sunday we welcomed Taunton Deane bowls club to West Exe park for a friendly game. We each won two rinks with Taunton Deane winning over all.  West End 70, Taunton Deane 74.

Rink scores:-

B Willis, G Jarrett, B Moore, D Butt                            19 - 17

J Head, E Browning, A Hill, T Sykes                          12 - 28

S Moore, G Churchill, B Gregory, B Pulsford              26 - 12

C Harder, B Husbands, M Willavoys, M Robertson  13 - 17.

On Monday we travelled up to our friends at Combe Martin,

where we could only managed a win on one rink, losing on the other three and overall.

West End 60, Combe Martin 79.

Rink scores:-

B Kerslake, S Andrews, C Hammett, D Butt               18 - 20

S Butt, C Powney, R Harder, D Blackwell                  13 - 21

C Andrews, B Husbands, R Gregory, J Barrie           19 - 13

E Payne, E Browning, K Powney, R Enright             10 - 25.   


On Wednesday our Ladies travelled up to South Molton to play an Inter Club game against Bideford (Strand) Bowls Club, with both rinks winning. West End 43, Bideford (Strand) 28. Well done Ladies next up is Topsham to be played at Culm Vale 22nd June.

Rink scores:-

G Jarrett, D Butt, G Callaghan, M Robertson           27 - 13

C Slade, G Hake, A Hill, P Burton                            16 - 15.


For the men's over 60s league on Wednesday the A team travelled to Culm Vale A. The B and C teams were both at home. A very good week with all three teams winning overall.

West End A  35  Culm Vale A  33

Rink scores:-

R Pulsford, B Barry, K Barry                                     19 - 13

D Blackwell, R L Clarke, R K Clarke                        16 - 20.

The B team played local club Tiverton (Park) winning on both rinks.

West End B 43, Tiverton 19.

Rink scores:-

T Gribble, B Moore, C Wratten                                 22 -  5

H Cole, K Kelly, C Hammett                                     21 - 14.

The C team played Heavitree B winning on one rink and drawing on one making them the winners overall.

West End C 32, Heavitree B 27.

Rink scores:-

G Lee, K Powney, R Harder                                      13 - 13

M Slade, K White, C Penney                                     19 - 14.


On Thursday evening the men were home to Uffculme in the County Trophy. Winning on three rinks and with a draw on the fourth we won overall. West End 86, Uffculmbe 65.

Rink scores:-

K Kelly, B Gregory, J Clapp, B French                     23 - 16

B Kerslake, B Enright, C Wratten, K Barry               21 - 15

D Blackwell, K Powney, C Hammett, R Clarke         23 - 15

R White, E Payne, T Sykes, B Pulsford                    19 - 19.


The Ladies travelled out to Uffculmbe for their Presidents Trophy game, winning on one rink and taking the overall victory.

West End  31,  Uffculmbe  26.

Rink scores:-

J Cole, J Kelly, C Slade                                               13 - 17

S Moore, G Jarrett, A Hill                                           18 -  9.


Fridays away friendly against St Thomas was cancelled due to bad weather.


During the week a number of internal competitions were played:-

In the Handicap J Clapp beat K Kelly and D Clarke beat C Penney.

In the unbadged County pairs T Sykes and C Hammett lost away at South Molton.


Report for weekending 31-5-2019

On Saturday we were away to United Services, with somewhat mixed results. We won on three rinks and lost on two, losing overall by 2 shots.  West End 85, United Services 87.

Rink scores:-     

J Cole, C Powney, K Powney, J Barrie                     13 - 20

B Husbands, H Cole, D Butt, D Blackwell                14 - 12

J Kelly, A Gribble, M Willavoyes, B Pulsford           19 - 16

C Harder, K Kelly, T Sykes, B Enright                     27 - 14

M Slade, E Browning, B Gregory, M Robertson     12 - 25.


Tuesday afternoon we welcomed our friends from Bradninch who brought the sun with them.

It was a tight game with both teams winning on two rinks, overall West End just edged it. West end 65, Bradninch 58.

Rink scores:-

J Kelly, E Edworthy, R Harder                                    25 - 14

C Powney, H Cole, K Powney                                    13 - 12

G Churchill, K Kelly, G Callaghan                              13 - 16

E Payne, G Hake, C Penney                                       14 - 16.


What a difference a day makes, Wednesday was wet, with drizzle and rain most of the day.  Overall a good week for our over 60's men.

The A team played at home against Budleigh Salterton A winning on both rinks. West End A 45, Budleigh Salterton A 19.

Rink scores:-

R White, B Berry, K Berry                                          26 -  8

B kerslake, T Sykes, R L Clarke                                19 - 11.

The B team didn't have far to travel they were at Tiverton Borough,

winning on one rink , losing on the other but winning overall.

West End B  37, Tiverton Borough 32.

Rink scores:-

T Gribble, C Hammett, C Wratten                             30 - 12

K Kelly, M Newcombe, J Barrie                                  7 - 20.

The C team had a long journey down to Exmouth where they played Madeira D, winning on both rinks. West End C 43, Madeira D 30.

Rink scores:-

E Payne, R Harder, G Readon                                    21 - 18

K Powney, B Gregory, C Penney                                22 - 12.


On Thursday the men were due to play Bradninch in the County trophy but this game was cancelled as Bradninch did not have a team.

This time of year also brings us Club & County competitions in the Club two wood singles B Kerslake beat B Husband 16 - 9.

In the County unbaged pairs T Sykes and C Hammett played A Hay and B Prina from Hemyock winning 28 - 13.

In the County over 60's singles D Clarke beat S Ford from South Molton 21 - 14.


Report for weekending 24-5-19


At last the cards for the men's county trophy at Hemyock have turned up, this game was played last Thursday with West End winning two rinks but losing on two and overall. West End 71, Hemyock 73.

Rink scores:-

B Kerslake, B Moore, C Wratten, J Barrie                15 - 21

D Blackwell, B Enright, K Powney, D Clarke            11 - 23

R White, E Payne, T Sykes, B Pulsford                    19 - 14

K Kelly, B Gregory, J Clapp, J Tinham                      26 - 15.


Summers not here yet then, Saturday was grey and damp with rain in the air, but we bowlers are hardy folk wrapped up warm we welcomed North Tawton to the green and  made the most of a chilly  afternoon. Although we won three rinks to their two North Tawton come out on top overall.  West End 66, North Tawton 75.

Rink scores:- T Gribble, G Reardon, A Hill                 8 - 21

                        C Harder, T Sykes, G Gallaghan        6 - 17

                        J Kelly, G Jarrett, B French                18- 12

                        E Browning, B Gregory, D Butt         18 - 10

                        K Kelly, M Robertson, B Berry          16 - 15

On Sunday with little improvement in the weather we welcomed Cross Hands and District bowlers, who are on their annual tour.

We managed to win on 4 rinks but lost heavily on 2, however overall we won by 2 shots. West End 107, Cross Hands 105.

Rink scores:-

S Moore, G Lee, B Kerslake, J Clapp                        21 - 18

S Butt, C Powney, C Hammett, M Willavoys             8 - 27

J Head, M Slade, K Powney, B French                     22 - 15

J Cole, T Gribble, C Slade, D Blackwell                    26 -  7

C Harder, G Churchill, B Moore, B Pulsford             10 - 23      

B Husbands, G Jarrett, C Penney                             20 - 15.

No sooner had we finished playing the skies opened, what good timing. Following a very competitive afternoons bowls  over 70 sat down to a splendid meal provided by Edna and her team. (Well done).

On Tuesday the men played the first round of the Foxlands against Uffculme, with the home team winning and although the away team lost West End won overall. West End 41,  Uffculme 30.

Rink scores:- K Berry, B Gregory, B Pulsford, J Tinham   12 - 20

                      D Blackwell,C Hammett, J Clapp, R Clarke  29 - 10.

Wednesday is men's over 60s league. The A team went all the way to Exmouth Madeira, and had a good result winning on both rinks.

West End A 35, Madeira E 20.

Rink scores:- D Blackwell, R L Clarke, R K Clarke     17 - 10

                       R White, R Pulsford, K Berry                18 - 10.

The B team travelled to Topsham, with mixed success winning on one rink and losing on one.  West End B 24, Topsham white 39.

Rink scores:- K Kelly, M Newcombe, J Barrie                     8 - 24

                        B Moore, C Hammett, C Wratten                16 - 15.

Lucky old C team, they were at home this week to Ottery St. Mary B.

Winning on one rink and losing on one with Ottery winning overall.

West End 28, Ottery 44.

Rink scores:-M Slade, R Harder, G Reardon                      16 - 15

                      K White, B Gregory, C Penney                      12 - 29.

The men had a bye on the County Trophy this week.

The ladies were away at Tiverton (Park) , in the Presidents trophy,  with Park winning overall.

West End 24, Tiverton (Park) 31.

Rink scores:- G Churchill, G Jarrett, A Hill                        18 - 12

                        J Cole, C Slade, G Hake                                6 - 19.

Finally this week on Friday we welcomed St. Thomas to our green for a friendly, although quite overcast it was a nice hot afternoon, we won on three rinks and lost on one, winning overall.

West End 78, St. Thomas 63.

Rink scores:- E Payne, J Kelly, R Harder                            15 - 13

                       J Cole, K Kelly, T Sykes                               16 - 24

                       E Browning, B Kerslake, C Penney             26 - 12

                       S Butt, G Reardon, D Butt                             21 - 14.  



Report for weekending 17-5-19


Thursday last week the ladies played away at Cullompton in the Presidents Trophy the final score was close with Cullompton winning overall by just one point.  West End 33, Cullompton 34.

Rink scores:-  C Andrews, G Hake, C Slade             13 - 26

                        S Moore, G Jarrett, A Hill                  20 -  8.

The Ladies have a bye this week.

On Saturday the club hosted the Ladies County Triples competition.

On Sunday our friends from Teignmouth Den visited us, what a great afternoon we had, sun, friends and bowls. Teignmouth Den winning on three rinks and West End winning on two, overall scores:--

West End 91 to Teignmouth 74.  

Rink scores:- C Powney, T Sykes, C Hammett        14 - 16

                       G Lee, K Kelly, A Hill                          15 - 17

                       G Churchill, J Barrie, B French          20 - 22

                       G Jarrett, B Kerslake, J Tinham         20 -  6

                       J Kelly, B Enright, K Powney             22 - 13.

On Tuesday the club hosted a South West Counties Ladies match with  Cornwell playing Wiltshire. A very long day for the members of West End who helped in one way or another.

Wednesday is men's over 60's, the A & B teams at home and the C team away. What a difference in the weather from last week, is summer here at last?

West End A 37, Sidmouth A 30.

Rink scores:- D Blackwell, T Sykes, R Clarke          24 - 17

                       B Kerslake, B Berry, B Pulsford         13 - 13

West End B 35,  Morchard Bishop B  48.

Rink scores:- T Gribble, B Moore, C Ratten              22 - 22

                        H Cole, C Hammett, B French           13 - 26.

West End C 33, Wellington B 35.

Rink scores:- G Lee, K Powney, G Reardon             19 - 17

                        E Payne, B Gregory, C Penney         14 - 18.

Thursday evening the men were away at Hemyock for the County trophy. I have no idea how they got on, someone has hidden the cards.

Finally on Friday we had a friendly at home to Wellington.

After much adjusting of the scores it was agreed the result was a draw with both teams scoring 77 shots.

Rink scores:- S Butt, C Slade, K Powney                  20 - 12

                       B Husband, G Hake, C Penney           20 -  9

                       S Moore, T Gribble, E Edworthy        13 - 16

                       B Moore, M Robertson, C Hammett  17 - 19

                       C Harder, B Enright, K Kelly                7 - 21



Report for week ending 10-5-19

Presidents Trophy.(Played 2-5-19)

The Ladies made a good start in their defence of the Presidents Trophy. Their first game was at home to Tiverton Borough on a cold damp night, one rink won and one lost but overall West End Ladies won the match.

West End 34,  Tiverton Borough 25.

Rink scores:- E Browning, G Hake & G Callaghan  12 - 18

                        G Jarrett, C Slade & A Hill                22 - 7.

Although dry the weekend gave us a chilly wind so wrapped up warm we made our way to Bradninch for this weekends first friendly. Three triples won and one came second, we also took the overall win. 

West End 73, Bradninch 49.

Rink scores:--  C Powney, R Harder & K kelly              16 - 10. 

                        D Knowles, K Powney & G Callagham  11 - 16.

                        B Moore, E Edworthy & B Pulsford       16 - 12.

                        S Moore, J Kelly & B Enright                 30 - 11.

What can I say about Sunday, the drive to Bideford was uneventful, the Victoria park green was a pleasure to play on, the wind was very cold. That's it really.  (oh you want to know the result, sorry I lost the cards, only joking)  We won on one rink and lost on the other five. Have we got some work to do on the return leg at the end of June.

West end  79, Victoria Park  147.

Rink scores:--  A Hill, B Husbands, D Butt & J Barrie                   18 - 23

                        G lee, E Browning, B Pulsford & D Blackwell       20 - 18

                        C Harder, S Andrews, T Sykes & B French            13 - 25   

                        M Slade, C Powney, C Hammett & M Willavoys  11 - 27

                        G Jarrett, T Gribble, M Robertson & J Clapp            7 - 30

                        C Andrews, C Slade, K Powney & B Gregory        10 - 24. 

On Wednesday all three men's over 60s teams played, despite the rain.

The "A" team were home to Hemyock A. 

West End A 35, Hemyock A 38.

Rink scroes:- D Blackwell, T Sykes & D Clarke                                20 - 12

                        R White, B Kerslake & B Berry                                 15 - 26.

The "B" team were away at Bradninch B.

West End B 26, Bradninch B 33.

Rink scores:- H Cole, B Moore & C Ratten                                       12 - 18

                        K Kelly,M Newcombe & J Barrie                              14 - 15

The "C" team were at home to Culm Vale C.

West End C 23, Culm Vale C 52.

Rink scores:- B Husbands, R Harder & C Penney                             6 - 34

                      M Slade, K White & G Reardon                                  17 - 18


Thursday night the men were at home to Cullompton in the County Trophy, this week we won on three rinks and lost on one,

winning overall.

West End 89, Cullompton 60.

Rink scores:- R White, E Payne, T Sykes & B Pulsford                    16 - 19

                      J Clapp, B Gregory, B Enright & J Tinham                  27 - 12

                      B Moore, B Kerslake, C Ratten & B French                20 - 17

                      D Blackwell, K Powney, C Hammett & D Clarke       26 - 12.


Finally on Friday we travelled to Ilfacombe for a friendly. The weather in Tivvy was not that nice but there was sun shine in Ilfacombe.. Everyone enjoyed the trip out and I'm told the score does not matter, but I'll post it anyway. 

 West End 67, Ilfacombe 91.

Rink scores:- B Kerslake, R Harder & D Butt                                     8 - 28

                      E Browning, B Gregory & E Edworthy                       10 - 18

                      E Payne, M Robertson & B French                              20 - 14

                      M Slade, K Powney & D Blackwell                             19 - 11

                      D Knowles, C Penney & D Clarke                               10 - 20.           


Report for weekending 3-5-19


Despite the very strong winds we were able to play both weekend Friendly's.

On Saturday we were at home to Topsham, winning on two rinks but losing on three.

West End 79, Topsham 105.

Rink scores :-

C Andrews, T Gribble, B Moore & D Butt.                     17 - 29

S Andrews, E Browning, P Salter & T Sykes.               14 - 31

B Husband, M Shillbeer, K Powney & B French.          20 - 12

C Harder, C Powney, B Kerslake, & C Ratten.             12 - 24

B Moore, E Payne, M Robertson & J Clapp.                  16 - 9


Then on Sunday we were again at home this time to Heavitree.

We managed to win on three rinks this time losing on the other two and only narrowly losing the match.

West End 83, Heavitree 88.

Rink scores:-

C Harder, S Andrews, B Pulsford & J Tinham.           17 - 13

B Kerslake, D Knowles, J Clapp & D Butt.                  20 - 14

J Kelly, B Husbands K Kelly & B Enright.                    21 - 13

E Payne, E Browning, R Gregory & B French.            17 - 23

C Andrews, T Gribble, G Callaghan & J Barrie.            8 - 25.


On Monday we played our first away game of the season when we visited Morchard Bishop. With rain most of the morning the green was a bit heavy but the rain held off for us to play.

We managed a win on one rink but came up short on the other four.

West End 67, Morchard Bishop 96.

Rink scores:-

S Moore, K Kelly & T Sykes                                         9 - 25

E Browning, B Kerslake & E Edworthy                        9 - 20

T Gribble, G Reardon & G Callaghan                        13 - 21

J Kelly, R Harder & R Clarke                                     13 - 15

B Moore, C Hammett & D Butt                                  23 - 15


Over 60's League.  The A & C teams travelled away with the B team playing home in a rain affected game.


West End A 18 ,  Honiton A 34.

D Blackwell, T Sykes & R Clarke                  14 - 17

R White, B Barry & R Pulsford                       4 - 17

West End B 18 ,  North Tawton A 19.

K Kelly, M Newcombe & J Barrie                  5  -  9 

T Gribble, C Hammett & B French               13 - 10  

West End C 28 , Phear Park 34.

G Lee, K Powney & G Reardon                     17 - 15

E Payne, B Gregory & C Penney                   11 - 19.

For our first County Trophy of the season we travelled to Culm Vale, maybe we should have stayed home. On the bright side things can only get better (can't they?).

West End  41 , Culm Vale  98.


R White, K Kelly, T Sykes & B Pulsford                     4 - 25

J Clapp, B Gregory, B Enright & J Berrie                  7 - 40

B Moore, B Kerslake, B French & J Tinham           10 - 26

D Blackwell, K Powney, C Hammett & R Clarke    20 -  7


Report for weekending 26/4/19.

The over sixty men had a roll-up on Tuesday, some men tried to be serious (there's always one) and some thought it was a fun roll-up not a practice session (again there's always one) in the end most of us enjoyed being back out on the Green.

It was nice to see Richard back bowling.

We were looking forward to our first friendly of the season against our friends from Tiverton Park on Wednesday but the game was cancelled due to the rain, not to worry we had Bovey Tracey on Thursday, but oh dear, more rain and again the game was cancelled.

Although it rained all morning on Friday it stopped in time for us to play our friendly against Crediton in the afternoon.  West End won on two rinks but lost on three, the overall score being 83  West End   96 Crediton.

Rink scores:-- M. Slade, T. Gribble, A. Hill & B. Berry 18 - 19

                        B. Husband, C. Clarke, K. Powney & C. Penney  8 - 29

                        R. White, C. Powney, C. Hammett & N. Clarke  13 - 17

                        S. Moore, E. Browning, T. Sykes & D. Clarke  23 - 11

                        G. Lee, E. Payne, G. Jarrett & J. Clapp   21 - 20.



Maureen Robertson receives the Nomads Charity trophy from Nigel Bond Maureen Robertson receives the Nomads Charity trophy from Nigel Bond