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Weekly Reports

Report for weekending 25th July 2021.

We Started the week with a cancelled friendly, on Monday we were down to play United Services, sadly this was cancelled.

This week several internal competitions have been played.

On Monday: -

Dicky Clarke beat John Clapp in the men’s handicap.

Ken Powney beat Mike Slade in the men’s unbadged.

On Tuesday: -

Andy Mason beat Chris Hammett in the men’s championship.

Bob Pulsford beat John Clapp in the men’s championship.

Chris Slade beat Barry Kerslake in the open singles.

Dicky Clarke beat Tony Sykes in the 2 wood singles.

In the Exeter over 60 league on Wednesday the A team were away at Honiton. After leading for the first ten ends suddenly the wheels came off for one rink and at the end they lost by 2 shots. The second team had a good size win and so West End came away with 6 of the 8 points on offer.

B Kerslake, B Pulsford & N Clarke 19-21.

T Sykes, A Mason & D Clarke 20-10.

The B team were at home to Topsham White. With a narrow loss on one rink and a good win on the other again West End came away with 6 of the 8 points on offer.

B Enright, C Hammett & R Harder 15-17

B Barry, T Gribble & B Moore 28-10.

The C team did not play this week.

On Thursday morning, D Clarke & T Sykes Beat N Clarke & B Kerslake in the Club men’s pairs.

In the evening it’s County trophy time, this week’s result pretty much mirrored last week’s, the only exception was that last week at Culm Vale we at least managed a drawn rink. This week we travelled to South Molton, where despite some heroic playing, we lost on all four rinks. Overall, 59-100.

C Hammett, E Payne, J Barrie & B Pulsford 18-22.

B Moore, G Reardon, K Powney & D Clarke 13-25.

B Kerslake, B Enright, R Harder & T sykes 15-34.

K Berry, R Gregory, J Clapp & A Mason 13-19.

Friday morning more internal competitions were played.

T Sykes beat D Clarke in the men’s Championship.

B Moore & K Powney beat C Hammett & J Clapp in the men’s pairs.

In the evening away at Culm Vale, in the semi-final of the County Greater pairs competition D Blackwell and B Pulsford were defeated by a pair from Culm Vale. Whilst back at West Exe Park it was Club night, 14 or so members enjoyed an evening’s bowling, welcoming a visitor.

Our friendly at Rock Park on Saturday was cancelled.

Sunday our green was used by the County for the Minors (un-badged) finals, several members came along to watch and had an enjoyable time.


Report for week-ending 18th July 2021.

We started the week slowly with no friendlies.

A few members played County games. Maureen Robertson and Gill Callaghan played Ella Crouch and Natalie Heath from Torquay in the Devon County Ladies Pairs quarter final, after being 8 down, they went on to win the match. Well done and good luck in the semi-final, which will be played at Exonia on 19th July at 6.15pm.

On Tuesday morning Dicky Clarke played Richard Evans from South Molton in the over 60’s men’s singles, the scores were ticking along nicely when on the 18th end Dicky who was 3 down overall, was holding 3. Richard played a weighted shot took the jack and scored 3, giving him a 6-shot lead, and that is how it finished 15 – 22. There’s always next year Dicky.

Wednesday saw West End A team at home to Exonia A. Winning on both rinks West End took all 8 points.

B Kerslake, B Pulsford & R L Clarke    13-12.

R White, A Mason & R K Clarke           17-9.

The B team should have been away at Oakhampton, but the game was called off, so they had a friendly inter-team roll up.

The C team were also at home against Phear Park B. Unfortunately, it was not their day losing on both rinks, Kens rink was close going into the last end level, but dropped a shot to lost the game.

G Lee, B Gregory & K Powney             14 – 15.

D Knowles, B Furness & G Reardon     15 – 20.

Although I had previously mentioned that the County trophy had been cancelled this year, three clubs are still playing it, West End Bowling club being one of them. And so, on Thursday evening 16 men traveled to Culm Vale for our first County trophy game. We came close to winning on one rink but dropped 6 on the last end to tie and although we all played well, we were out played as the scores reflect.

D Blackwell, K Powney, B French & N Clarke     22 - 22.

C Hammett, B Gregory, J Clapp & A Mason         8 – 35.

B Kerslake, B Enright, T Sykes & D Clarke          11 – 28.

B Moore, E Payne, J Barrie & B Pulsford              11 – 17.

Friday evening is club night and several members turned up for a roll-up, which we all enjoyed.

We had two friendlies at the weekend, on Saturday, we traveled to Feniton. Although it was an enjoyable afternoon, we only managed to win on one rink, losing the other four and overall.

S Moore, E Payne & B French.                      19-18

M Slade, D Butt & D Blackwell.                      18-20

S Grace, B Gregory & C Slade.                      12-16

B Willis, C Harder & B Moore.                        17-21

N Howard, E Browning & K Berry.                   6-24.

Overall West End 72, Feniton 99.

Sunday we were at home to Stracross, on what was probably the hottest day of the year so far. The bowling was quite hot too (by the Starcross players). We managed to win on two rinks (lucky Doreen scored 5 shots on the last end) but lost on the other three and overall.

D Knowles, C Hammett & G Callaghan.  19 – 8.

T Gribble, B Furness & D Butt.                16 – 13.

C Powney, G Reardon & B Kerslake.        8 – 23.

B Willis, R Gregory & K Powney.             14 – 20.

E Payne, C Harder & B Enright.               12 – 24.

West End 69, Starcross 88.

No return game this year as it was to have been earlier in the season, but was cancelled due to the Covid situation.



Week ending Sunday 11th July 2021.

In the final of the County section 2 mixed triples, A Hill, T Sykes and J Clapp were beaten by a triple from Uffculme, there’s always next year, well done for getting to the final.

On Tuesday evening we played Culm vale in the Top Club. Despite some awfully close games, eventually West End lost Five nil. Dennis Blackwell in the 2-wood singles played 31 ends, losing the last three ends to give victory to Culm Vale. In the 4-wood singles Bob Pulsford led for most of the game only to suffer the same fate losing three ends on the trot and with it the game. In the pairs, T Sykes & N Clarke, I’ll just say they lost by a few shots. The triple of J Clapp, A Mason and D Clarke faired little better, after leading for 7 ends the Culm Vale players used firing shots to win the next few ends and being three down overall their game finished there. The rink of B Moore, B Gregory, J Barrie and B French were holding their own when the match was won and so like the triples, they did not complete their game.

Wednesday saw the return of the Exeter over 60’s league.

The A team travelled to Exmouth to play Maderia A. Where they won on one rink but lost on the other and overall.

T Sykes, B Pulsford & N Clarke 15-11.

D Blackwell, A Mason & D Clarke 16-25.

The B team were at home to Tiverton B. With the same result.

T Gribble, B Moore & B Barry 3-30.

K Kelly, J Barrie & R Harder 16-12.

The C team were also at home to Bradninch B. Losing on both rinks.

M Slade, E Payne & G Reardon 5-21.

G Lee, B Gregory & B Furness 13-18.

Along came Friday and West End welcomed Taunton Vivary for a friendly game. A chilly afternoon was warmed up by the friendly banter from our always welcome visitors. West End won on one rink, drew on one and lost on two, losing overall 51-66. Nevertheless, a good afternoon was had by all.

S Grace, K White, C Hammett & J Barrie 13-19. S Andrews, C Powney, B Moore & S Herring 16-16. S Moore, M Slade, B Enright & B Furness 5-19. C Andrews, T Gribble, B Gregory & K Powney 17-12.

In the evening, the first of the Club Internal competitions got underway, the mixed pairs. A Mason & M Robertson were victorious over D Clarke & C Slade 19-16.

Our friendly game against Tiverton Park on Sunday was called off due to the heavy rain.


Report for week-ending 4th July 2021

We started the week with a trip to Ilfracombe, where despite three of our five triples losing, overall, we came away the winners. Good weather, good company and good bowling made the journey well worthwhile.

D Stevens, B Enright & B Pulsford 21-9. M Slade, T Gribble & K Powney 25–10. D Gardner, B Gregory & B French 10-12.                     E Payne, D Butt & B Kerslake 14-17. M Stevens, E Browning & J Barrie 13-21. West End 83, Ilfracombe 69.

On Wednesday, our green became a natural green for the County Ladies Interclub match between Bideford Victoria Park and Torquay B, with both teams wining one rink it was Bideford who came away overall winners by 1 shot in a closely fought match.

West End also had an internal game on Wednesday, as the game we thought we had on Friday at Barnstable was not to be.               16 members enjoyed an extremely competitive afternoon. Thanks to Eddie and Barry for providing the refreshments.                                  G Lee, D Stevens, T Gribble & A Hill 19,   played   M Stevens, S Grace, B Moore & B Barrie 9.                                                                  D Knowles, S Moore,  B Enright & J Clapp 12,  played    G Reardon,   R Harder, C Hammett & B French 19.    

On Thursday evening West End faced Culm Vale in the Foxlands, sadly both home and away teams lost.                                          Home R White, B Pulsford, A Mason & J Tinham 15-22.          Away D Blackwell, T Sykes, N Clarke & D Clarke 19-30.   

Friday evening is Club roll-up night, enough members turned up for two competitive triples games. We tried to concentrate on our own game but with members from Culm Vale playing two rinks away we had to be on our toes for wayward bowls, so many times a firing shot would send the bowls flying into our rink.  West End had lost to Culm Vale the night before, but that was not to be repeated on Friday evening. In the Greter pairs section 2 B quarter-final B Pulsford and J Tinham beat S Luxon & D Rice by 19 shots to 17. Leading comfortably for 15 ends, despite all the attacking bowls played, Bob and Jordan dropped a six on the 16th end. This gave the Culm Vale pair a glimmer of hope, and when they picked up two the next end the scores were level. 3 of the last 4 ends went Jordans way giving a two-shot victory. Well done both, now you once again must face a pair from Culm Vale in the semi-final.  

On Saturday, we had our annual trip to the seaside, traveling by coach to Teignmouth. Although somewhat overcast the rain held off. As always, we were made welcome by the Teignmouth members whose company we enjoyed throughout the afternoon. Winning on 3 of 4 rinks we also won overall.  C Harder, B Enright, J Clapp & D Blackwell 20-15. A Hill, B Gregory, C Hammett & B French 22-16.              B Kerslake, D Butt, J Barrie & A Mason 22-14. E Payne, E Browning, T Sykes & B Pulsford 9-20.  West End 73, Teignmouth 65.

Sunday was a free day.




Report for weekending 27-6-21.

Our trip to Madeira on Monday was cancelled due to the rain.

On Tuesday, the sun was back out for West End to welcome Wellington to our green for a friendly. Winning on two rinks, drawing on one but losing overall, nevertheless it was an enjoyable afternoon. West End 71, Wellington 89.

M Slade, G Hake and T Sykes 20-19. E Browning, B Moore and B Berry 12-22. B Willis, E Payne and R Harder 17-15. S Grace, D Butt and D Blackwell 10-21. C Harder, G Reardon and B Pulsford 12-12.

The County Trophy has been cancelled this season.

A few members turned up for the Friday night Club roll-up, all in all a noticeably quiet week for the Club.

On Saturday, the Ladies from Dorset and Cornwell used our green for their Walker Cup match and once again with visiting counties were impressed with our green and catering. Well done all West End members involved.


Weekly report for week ending 20th June 2021.

Following the thrashing we received at Burnham on Sunday on Monday we pulled our socks up and won on all 6 rinks against Byways. Well done everyone that is more like it.

D Knowles, B Gregory & B Blackwell 16-14, B Kerslake, B Enright & C Slade 27-11. S Moore, T Gribble & B French 20-9, B Furdess. M Robertson & R harder 24-13. M Slade, B Moore & B Pulsford 16-6. S Grace, E Payne & K Powney 16-14. West end 119, Byways 67.

In the evening A Hill, J Clapp & T Sykes played the semi-final of the County section 2, Mixed Triples and beat P Saunders & co from Borough, well done you are now through to the section final.

On Tuesday afternoon the last Tuesday internal mixed triples league games were played.

In the evening West End played Borough in the Foxlands, playing one rink at home and one away, winning by 3 shots both home and away. Home team R White, J Clapp, A Mason & J Tinham 18-15. Away team D Blackwell, T Sykes, N Clarke & D Clarke 17-14.

On Wednesday we welcomed Bideford Victoria Park to West Exe Park for the first leg of our annual cup match. Last year we lost both home and away, so it was something of a relief that we retained our form from Sunday with another overall win. West End 88, Victoria Park 78. T Gribble, D Butt & J Clapp 23-16. E Browning, B Gregory & K Powney 10-24. N Howard, C Hammett & B French 15-14. S Grace, B Kerslake & B Pulsford 21-13. E Payne, B Furdess & B Berry 19-11. Let us hope we can repeat this form for the return leg in August.

Thursday saw the conclusion of the Internal Mixed Triples league, which everyone agreed has been a great success.

Friday night is Club night and several members turned up for a roll-up.

Friday also saw a number of county games played in the Grater pairs it was two pairs from West End playing each other, only one could progress. That was Bob Pulsford and Jordan Tinham who beat John Clapp and Andy Mason 25-20. Well done Bob & Jordan and good luck in the next round.

In the over 55 rinks Dennis Blackwell, Tony Sykes, Nobby Clarke and Dicky Clarke beat R Evans & co. from South Molton 14-11 in the Section 2 area final. Their next game is in Newton Abbott on July 11th. Well played lads and good luck in the next round.


Week Ending !3th June 2021

The Internal Mixed Triples League is progressing well with both Tuesday and Thursday’s games being played this week without the interruption of rain.

On Wednesday the Ladies played South Molton in the Grace Mathews, it did not turn out to be West Ends day, we only won in the 4 wood singles, although there were close finishes in the remaining games all were lost.

A number of men’s County games were played, in the triples John Clapp, Andy Mason and Jorden Tinham not only managed to beat Dennis Blackwell, Nobby and Dicky Clarke to move to the section 2 final but also beat R Werner & co from South Molton to become the section 2 qualifiers.

On Thursday evening in the mixed triples E Browning, B Gregory and J Tinham narrowly missed out to a team from Culm Vale, after leading for most of the game, losing the 13,14 and 15 end was their undoing, going down by 2 shots in a great game to watch. Better luck next year.

On the same night the mixed rink of Carol Clarke, Tony Sykes, Nobby Clarke and Dicky Clarke beat a team from The Borough.

Sue Herring has won her way through to the last 16 of the ladies 2 wood singles, well done Sue, keep it up.

Friday Club night roll-ups are going well.

We thought we had a friendly on Saturday with South Molton, but sadly they are not ready to play friendlies yet, so no Saturday game.

Sunday was a trip out to Burnham. Five triples made to journey alone the motorway on a ridiculously hot afternoon. There is always a friendly welcome from the members at Burnham, but there was nothing friendly about the way they played, we only managed to win on one rink, well done John Barrie & team, losing on the others. Overall score was West End 59, Burnham 80.

That said, nice weather, good company, great afternoon.


Week Ending 6th June 2021.

We are slowly returning to “normal”, with roll-ups continuing on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Club night roll-up on Friday evenings.

County games are now well underway with several members playing both home and away, some with success others coming in second, there is always next year.

The Internal Mixed triples league is running well, only two more weeks to run and then the “Exeter Over 60’s Triple’s league” starts for the men. Sadly, no Presidents Trophy for the ladies this year.

On Saturday we hosted our friends from Rock Park, what a great afternoon. The chance to see so many old friends and make a few new ones. As always this was a close match and with West End winning on 3 rinks and losing on 3. Resulting in an overall score of West End 96 and Rock Park 110.

On Sunday our green was used for the men’s County two wood singles, with West End members providing markers for the first rounds.


Oh what a terrible 2020/2021 we have had so far, with only a handful of members able to have a few roll-ups in September 2020.

But now that the Government restrictions have enabled us to return to the Club, not only have we managed to have some roll-ups but, weather permitting, we have managed a few rounds of the Club Internal Mixed Triples league.

During May several members had played their County games, some with victory, some not so fortunate.

So, it was a no brainer that when Tiverton Bowling Club asked if we would like to play a friendly, we said yes.

No sooner was the list on the board than the 15 names were added.

Along with the sun came Saturday 29th, and we made our way up the hill to The Peoples Park, the home of Tiverton Bowling Club. What a great afternoon, meeting up with so many old friends we had not seen for a long time.

And as for the bowls, it was friendly competitive as always when our two Clubs meet.

As to the chatter in the Club house, as we drank our teas at half time, it is funny the things you miss.

Back on the green, we managed to win on three rinks but lost on two, with the overall score 84 to West End and 91 to Tiverton Park. I think at the end of the day all agreed Bowls and friendship won the day, lets hope for more days like it throughout the coming season.