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Weekly Reports 2022

Report for weekending 15-5-22.

I’ll start this week’s report with a couple of last week’s games.

The men’s over 60’s A team played at Madeira on Wednesday, losing on both rinks.

B Kerslake, B Pulsford and R L Clarke                 12-19                     

D Blackwell, T Sykes and R K Clarke                       19-24.

Overall West End A 31, Madeira A 43.

In the afternoon on Friday the Clarke brothers played a county pairs game (The Grater Pairs) against a pair from Uffculme and won 20-11.

Moving on to this week we had our first friendly of the week on Monday when we welcomed North Tawton to West Exe Park. We won on two rinks, lost on two and overall.  Barry Kerslake’s team struggled although their game, Gill Callaghan was in front at tea but had a disappointing second half. Whereas John Clapp and Angie Hill’s teams were in control throughout.

M Slade, B Moore and A Hill                                   20-14          

J Cole, K Powney and J Clapp                               14-11        

S Moore, B Husbands and G Callaghan                 11-17                     

E Payne, E Browning and B Kerslake                       8-23.

Overall West End 53, North Tawton 65.

In the men’s O60’s, the A team were due to play at home, but unfortunately their opponents, Uffculme, were short of players as several of their members had Covid. The game was postponed.

Both the B and C teams were away, the B at Topsham and the C at Bradninch.

Last week the B team beat Topsham White and at the weekend the Club played and beat Topsham in a friendly, so hopes were high that the B team could win away at Topsham and so it proved to be the case, we won on both rinks.

B Enright, C Hammett and B French                     27-11       

T Gribble, B Moore and J Barrie                             21-15.

Overall West End B 48, Topsham Red 26.

The C team had very mixed fortunes winning well on one rink but losing badly on the other. That’s bowls for you these things happen.

G Lee, M Newcombe and G Reardon                    21-8                         

E Payne, M Slade and K Powney                           8-27.

Overall West End C 29, Bradninch B 35.

On Thursday afternoon in the County mixed triples Richard came up against a team from Bradninch, in an even game his team scored two on the last end to win.

S Moore, B Moore and R K Clarke 19, J Harries & co 17.

The friendly due to be played on Friday, at home against North Petherton, had to be cancelled as N. Petherton could not raise a team.

Friday evening saw Club Roll-up night well attended, having sorted out teams Barry sat out, having injured his leg.

On Saturday two members, Gill Callaghan and Angie Hill were at South Molton, playing in the Ladies County pairs. Winning two games they now move on to the next round at Uffculme later this month.

Our final friendly of the week was against United Services on Saturday. This was the return game, as we played United Services back in April, finishing with a deficit of 12 shots.  

In a match played in a good friendly spirit, we started well and by tea were up 7 shots overall. Tony Sykes’s team only dropped 2 shots in the first half, whilst pumping in the shots themselves, going on to a big score. Bob French’s team had a close game, 2 behind at tea, they dug in and came out winners. Bob Pulsford was always in control of his game and was another high scorer for West End. Andy Masons’ Team started well, and although they eased back a bit after tea still won a tight game. Nether Dennis Blackwell or John Barrie’s teams seemed to get to grips with the game this week and both lost. So, in the end we won on 4 rinks but lost heavily on 2. However, the overall totals put West End up by the 12 shots we lost by in Barnstaple, how friendly is that, over the two games we were level on scores.

E Payne, B Husbands and D Blackwell                         8-22 

M Slade, B Berry and T Sykes                                      31-5   

C Harder, C Hammett and B French                           16-12      

B Enright, M Robertson and B Pulsford                       21-8     

J Cole, B Moore and A Mason                                    20-18   

S Moore, T Gribble and J Barrie                                   5-24.

Overall West End 101, United Services 89.

Sunday saw a ladies county rinks game played at West Exe with Gill Callaghan, Caroline Harder, Chris Slade and Angie Hill matched against a strong team from South Molton.         The Ladies got off to a flying start and were 11 nil up after 7 ends, South Molton won an end, changed the jack length and started to close the deficit, however the West End players held their nerve and at 18 ends the final score in a very enjoyable game to watch, was West End 14, South Molton 11.


Weekending 8-5-22

The week started with an away trip to Morchard Bishop, in a close game we were ahead on three of the four trips at 10 ends but finished up narrowly losing on three at the end. However, the one trip that did win gave the Club an overall winning score.

D Knowles, B Husbands and C Slade                    15-17          

J Coles, S Andrews and T Sykes                            12-17         

C Andrews, C Harder and G Callaghan                  12-13        

M Slade, R Harder and B Pulsford                           21-10

Overall West End 60, Morchard Bishop 57.

Wednesday saw the return of the men’s Exeter over 60’s league, this week the A team were away at Madeira, the B and C teams were both at home to Topsham White and Bradninch A respectively.

I’ll have to give the A team report next week as I’ve not seen the cards or know the result at the time of writing.

It was nice to see Bob Gregory back up at the Club giving his support to the home teams.

The B team had a good first game, John Barrie’s team were always in control and from 4-11 down at 8 ends Bill Berry’s team pulled it back to win.

R White, R Harder and J Barrie                             18-15        

T Gribble, B Moore and B Berry                             19-12

West End B 37, Topsham White 27.

Unfortunately, the C team’s first game did not go well, losing on both rinks.

S Andrews, M Newcombe and K Powney             11-22

Husbands, M Slade and G Reardon                      12-21

Overall West End C 23, Bradninch A 43.


Friday evening was Club roll-up night, with Barry organizing the teams, it’s no wonder his team won. Never mind a good time was had by all who attended.

On Saturday afternoon we welcomed Topsham, (with their nice new shirts) to our Green for a friendly. Bowls is a funny old game, and this match proves it, at half time we were winning on three and losing on two, ahead by 7 shots.  One rink was 0-13 down but fought back to finish 13-19. One rink was 12-3 up and just kept up the pressure to win 26-3, which was just as well as one rink was 4-8 down at tea and had a bad second half finishing 6-31. Having said all that, we still managed to hold on to the winning three, lose on two and win overall. Well played everyone.

S Moore, M Slade and B Berry                              23-14                          

C Harder, M Robertson and K Powney                  13-19                     

C Powney, C Slade and B French                            6-31                     

D Knowles, B Moore and D Blackwell                     26-3                          

J Cole, E Browning and R White                             17-12

Overall West End 85, Topsham 79.

In the County mixed triples, Angie Hill, John Clapp and Tony Sykes travelled across town to The Park for their first-round game. Losing at 15 ends they scored 9 shots over the next three ends to win 20-19.

On a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon we travelled up to Victoria Park in Bideford for the first leg of the Steve Smith Cup, currently held by Victoria Park and unless we pull our socks up, in the home leg in June, they are likely to keep it this year too.

Bob Pulsford’s team were always in control and won their game. John Clapp’s team managed to pick up 8 shots in the last three ends thereby winning by 1 shot. And Ken Berry’s team sadly dropped 2 on the last end, but still managed a draw. The other three teams unfortunately lost.

B Husbands, A Hill and J Clapp                             16-15          

K White, C Hammett and B Pulsford                     17-11          

S Andrews, L Kennedy and B French                   10-19        

 N Howard, B Kerslake and T Sykes                     14-20         

 C Harder, A Gribble and K Berry                           13-13         

C Andrews, B Enright and J Barrie                        14-23

Overall West End 84, Victoria Park 101.


Week ending 1st May 2022

The start of this week did not look promising, our first two friendlies were cancelled. Ilfracombe advised us they were unable to raise a team for their trip to us on Monday and we had the same problem for our game at Culm Vale on Tuesday.

No problem on Wednesday though when we welcomed Crediton Bowls Club to our green, we did however drop down from the original 6 rinks to 5 and then 4. After an enthralling afternoons bowling West End manged to win on three but lost on the fourth.

G Lee, B Berry, A Hill and T Sykes                                26-16

S Andrews, M Newcombe, K Powney and J Barrie      16-29

C Andrews, D Blackwell, M Robertson and D Clarke    22-7

C Powney, B Husbands, K Berry and A Mason             29-14.

Overall West End 87, Crediton 66.

Thursday was a free day.

The 15 members turned up on Friday evening for the Club roll-up.

On Saturday six cars traveled up to United Services in Barnstaple for a friendly. As always, we were given a very friendly welcome by the United Services members and once on the green the game continued in that manner. However, we only managed to win on two rinks, with a draw on one but losing on three.

B Enright, M Robertson and J Tinham                         21-14

C Powney, C Hammett and B French                          11-17

T Gribble, J Barrie and T Sykes                                   14-15

N Howard, C Andrews and J Clapp                             17-12

S Andrews, E Payne and B Kerslake                            5-22

C Harder, K Powney and B Pulsford                           15-15.

Overall West End 83, United Services 95. We only have two weeks before United Services visit us, lets hope we can gain the upper hand at home.

On Sunday we were looking forward to a visit from Heavitree, but the overnight and early morning rain made the green slippery and somewhat dangerous to play on, so it was thought best to cancel the game.

And so, a week that started with five friendly games finished with only two, one we won the other we lost.

Next week we have three friendlies and the men’s Exeter over 60’s league to look forward to.


Yippee, 2022 season has started.

On a chilly Easter Sunday afternoon (17th April) members gathered at the Club for our opening day meeting.

The payment of subs was so much easier this year as Tony has bought the Club a card reader, even West End Bowling Club are moving into the 21st century.

Moving on to the green Chairman Ken Powney presented the Club’s 2022 President Gill Callaghan with her badge of office, followed by this year’s Vice President Doreen Butt. Club Captain Bob French then presented Angie Hill with the Ladies Vice Captain badge of office.

Chris and Bob then organised a roll up for the 22 members who wanted to play, with the first bowl being delivered by Gill Callaghan. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

During the week many members visited the green for a roll up, with 15 or so turning up for the first Friday Club night.

On Saturday 23rd we had our first friendly, this was an away game at South Molton, 6 triples made the journey and came away with an overall win.

West End  93, South Molton  84.

B Kerslake, R Harder and J Clapp    18-11

M Slade, C Harder and T Sykes       15-13

C Andrews, B Berry and A Mason   14-14

S Moore, G Reardon and B Enright  18-18

S Slade, B French and D Blackwell    9-15

S Andrews, B Moore and J Tinham  19-13

On Sunday 24th we had a home game when we welcomed our friends from Ottery St Mary, could we keep up the good start?

At tea Ottery were in front by 1 shot overall, 31 to 32. Captain Bob must have given a good half time team talk as we went on to win on three rinks, draw on one and lost on one with an overall score of West End 78, Ottery St Mary 66.

M Slade, B Moore and Gill Callaghan   10-17

J Cole, C Hammett and B French           18-12

B Husbands, C Andrews and C Slade     16-16

D Knowles, A Hill and T Sykes             14-11

S Moore, T Gribble and J Barrie            20-10.

Well done everyone, two games, two wins.