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Weekly Reports 2022

Report for weekending 31-7-2022.

Our First game this week was the evening East of Exe league game away at Culm Vale. Having lost the Foxlands final to Culm Vale last week this game was approached with some trepidation. However, although we lost on two rinks, we won on two and overall. Nobby Clarke’s rink got off to a flyer, they were 11 – 0 up at 5 ends. Culm Vale seemed to wake up then and scored a few, Nobby responded with a 5 on the 11th end and that was it no coming back for Culm Vale. Tony Sykes and his rink were unable to get into their game, dropping multiple shots a number of times. Jordan Tinham’s rink were going along nicely until they dropped a 6 on the 15th end, and although they picked up a 4 on the penultimate end to retake the lead, they dropped 4 themselves on the last end to lose it again. Dickie Clarke’s rink started with a 5 on the second end, followed by several multiples and another 5 on the 16th end, ensuring them of the win.

M Slade, J Barrie, A Hill and N Clarke                             19-12  

B Kerslake, G Hake, J Clapp and T Sykes                       8-23  

G Callaghan, K Powney, M Robertson and J Tinham     17-20  

D Blackwell, B French, C Slade and D Clarke                26-9

Overall West End 70, Culm Vale 64.

On Wednesday morning Basil Husband played Ken Powney in the Club men’s unbadged singles. Ken started by winning the first 4 ends, Basil then found some form and won a few, so by the 10th end the scores were tied, but again Ken went on a winning run and took a 4-shot lead. However today was Basil’s Day for he then won the next 4-ends overtook Kens score and reached 21 shots to win the game.

Moving on to the afternoon, we have the Exeter over 60’s men’s leagues. Both the A and C teams were at home, but the B team were away at Ottery St Mary.

The A team welcomed Heavitree and came away with victory on both rinks. Nobby Clarke’s rink dropped 2 on the first end but picked up the first of two fives on the second. They were never to look back from then on, for although the number of ends won were shared, the home team scored higher on their winning ends. Dicky Clarke’s rink also shared the winning ends and like the other rink they too scored higher when they won. Although the game was tied at ten ends West End scored 13 shotes to Heavitrees 6 in the last 8 ends.

B Kerslake, T Sykes and R.L Clarke                        24-15         

D Blackwell, B Pulsford and R.K Clarke                  22-15

Overall West End A 46, Heavitree A 30.

At Ottery St Mary, Bill Berry’s rink got off to an absolute flyer, picking up a 2, 7, and 3, they were 12-0 up at 3-ends. Ottery came back a little but were never that close.  John Barrie’s rink was a lot closer the score was 9-9 on the 9th end. John picked up 3 on the 10th and the next 8 ends were evenly shared, giving John the win.

B Enright, B Moore and B Berry                                   22-17 

B French, C Hammett and J Barrie                              16-13

Overall West End B 38, Ottery St Mary B 30.

The C team had Culm Vale as their opponents today, just the mention of that name and you know you have a hard game, and so it proved for the C team today. Ken Powney’s rink never got to grips with the game and were always behind. As to Graham Reardon’s rink they were  down 2-14 by the 10th end. They then started a fight back but run out of ends.

M Slade, K White and K Powney                                  11-25  

E Payne, B Gregory and G Reardon                              14-17

Overall West End C 25, Culm Cale C 42.

Thursday morning saw more internal Club games played. First up in the morning Tony Sykes played Mike Slade in the over 60’s. Tony started well, taking an early lead but by the 18th end Mike was only 1 shot behind at 17-16. Tony then won the next 2 ends and the game.

Basil Husbands then played Denis Blackwell in the Club Championship. Both players scored steadily until at the 17 end they were tied at 16 each. Basil then went on to win the next 3 ends and the game.

In the evening as the seagulls circled overhead a crowd gathered to watch the Club pairs game between Kathy Andrews and Barry Kerslake and Sonia and Bryan Moore. Bryan and Sonia took an early lead only for Kathy and Barry to come back at them and take over the lead, so by the 11th end they lead 12-9. However, the 12th end was the turning point of the game Sonia and Bryan picked up a 6 retook the lead and held on to win 15-20.

Friday, we welcomed our friends form Watchet for the return friendly, having played at their green back in June. The day was hot as too was the bowling. Angie hill’s rink who only let Watchet win 5 ends were 15-1 up at tea. Watchet came out fighting after tea winning 5 of the 6 ends played but dropping a 5 did not help them. Being 2 ends behind everyone else, they stopped at 16 ends. John Barrie and his rink also had a game to remember 12-4 at tea they won the second half as well. Graham Reardon’s rink had a closer game, 7-5 at tea, they fell behind on the 13th end, but Watchet were not to score again, giving Graham victory. Captain of the day John Clapp and his rink were ahead at tea but dropped two fours straight after. Scoring a 6 on the 15th end helped no end, it took them back into the lead and there they stayed.

E Browning, N Howard and A Hill                                       22-7  

C Andrews, B Moore and J Barrie                                     21-10   

S Andrews, G Hake and G Reardon                                15-10  

S Moore, M Slade and J Clapp                                        19-15

Overall West End 77, Watchet 42.

Originally listed as 5 rinks our 5th rink and subs played each other in a very one-sided game.

B Husbands, K Powney and C Slade              5                       

E Payne, R Gregory and B Berry                      19                   

 I’m sure it was fun.

Whilst West End Members entertained our friends from Watchet in the club house after the game, on the green it was Club roll-up night. Tonight, there were 6 new bowlers trying out the game and 6 footballers having a play and drinking the bar dry. All in all, everyone enjoyed Friday evening.

Which is more than can be said about Saturday. On a bright and sunny afternoon, we welcomed Feniton to our green for a friendly, sadly we lost on all four rinks and overall, the company was good though.  Bob Pulsford’s rink dropped a 5 early on and never recovered, although they scored on 9 ends, Feniton just edged it. Michael Willavoys and his rink also scored on 9 ends, equalling Fenitons four shot score but not their two twos and so in a very tight game they were just beaten. Bob French’s rink were 8 down by end 3, the game just slipped away from them, finishing as it started, dropping 6 over the last 2 ends. What happened to John Clapp’s rink?  12 – 5 up at tea, they lost the second half, only scoring another 3 shots. One of those days all round.      

B Husbands, B Gregory and B Pulsford                         14-20

S Moore, K Powney and M Willavoys                              12-14

C Powney, B Moore and B French                                  10-22

E Payne, M Robertson and J Clapp                              15-18

Overall West End 51, Feniton 74.

We did not have a friendly for Sunday afternoon, but on a drizzly wet Sunday morning John Clapp and Barry Kerslake played their Club men’s 2 wood competition. John got off to a good start, he was 10-3 up at 10 ends, however he was not going to get that easy a ride as Barry then found his game and by the 20th end it was all tied. John scored 1 on the 21st to win.


Report for weekending 24th July 2022.

On one of the hottest days of the year the club’s first game this week was the East of Exe league on Monday evening. We had played Ilminster early in the season at their green and this was their first visit to our club, having won away we were hoping to do the double. We managed to win on two rinks but also lost on two rink’s. Nobby Clark’s rink started slowly and were always that little bit behind finishing four short. Jordan Tinham’s rink, after the 4th end, were always in control of this game and managed a few high scores along the way. Tony Sykes and his rink just had the edge over their opponents although one shot behind at 7 ends, they then went on to dominate the game. Bob Pulsford’s rink were 14 down on the 5th end before they managed to score and with that the game runaway from them. However, this was the last rink to finish, we were two shots down overall and one shot down on this rink when Bob delivered his very last bowl picking up the Jack and moving it to two of our bowls scoring three shots and with that taking the overall victory for West End by one shot.

J Barrie, R Harder, A Hill and N Clarke                                      15-19 

G Callaghan, C Hammett, M Robertson and J Tinham             28-12

S Moore, B Kerslake, J Clapp and T sykes                            18-13

D Blackwell, M Slade, C Slade and B Pulsford                     12-28

Overall West End         73, Ilminster 72.

Our Tuesday afternoon friendly against Uffculme was cancelled by Uffculme.

In the evening the men played the section 2 final of the Foxlands, one rink travelled to Culm Vale with one at home.  Andy Masons rink at home were never really in this game as reflected by the final score. Nobby Clarke and the away rink were in front at 9 ends but dropped high scores on the next 4 ends and were never quite able to catch up. In the end with both rinks loosing, we lost overall..

J Tinham, C Hammett, J Clapp and A Mason                 11-27

D Blackwell, T Sykes, B Pulsford and N Clarke              18-25.

On Wednesday morning Angie Hill and Gillian Hake played the Ladies Club Championship. Angie started strongly and was 14-6 up on the 12th end but then Gill took the mat and changed the game catching up and taking the lead on the 18th, only for Angie to fight back, getting her 21 shots on the 23rd end to win the game.

On Wednesday in the Exeter over 60’s league the A team were away at Honiton, the B team were at home to Okehampton, and the C team were away at Crediton.

The A team had a mixed day, winning on one rink, losing on one and overall. Dicky Clarke’s rink were 11 up before Honiton scored on the 8th end. Honiton then pulled their socks up but West End were too far in front and won. Nobby Clarke’s rink were the opposite of his brothers, they were 10-3 down at 7 ends and worse was to come, they dropped 9 on the last three ends.

D Blackwell, B Pulsford and R.K. Clarke                17-11      

B Kerslake, T Sykes and R.L. Clarke                        9-22.

Overall West End A 26, Honiton A 33.

Having welcomed Okehampton A to our green, Bill Berry’s rink got off to a flyer, they were 12-1 up at 6 ends. Okehampton then started to chip away 1 shot at a time, with Bill also getting the odd 1, so by the end there was only 3 shots advantage to West End.  Bob French and his rink were steady and always in front, although they did get a scare on the 12 end when they dropped 5 shots. Going into the last end 5 in front it was very close with the holding team swopping with each bowl delivered, in the end the skips decided it, West End held on to win by 2 shots.

R White, B Moore and B Berry                                            15-12 

B Enright, C Hammett and B French                                   20-18

Overall West End B 35, Okehampton A 30.

Our C team travelled over to Crediton where they had a similar result to both the A and B teams. Ken Powney’s rink started well, fell asleep in the middle, and then won it on the last two ends. Graham Reardon’s rink, also started well and lost out in the middle, were tied at 11 ends but were not quite able to hold on.

E Payne, B Gregory and K Powney                                        17-14 

B Husbands, M Slade and G Reardon                                    12-16

Overall West End C 29, Crediton C 30.

On Thursday morning the club was rented out to and old member for a birthday roll-up and party.

Thursday afternoon Mike and Chris Slade played Edna Browning and Bob Enright in the club mixed pairs competition. To quote Edna, “we had a nightmare of a game”, and the result reflected that. So, Mike and Chris are through to the next round.

On Friday afternoon we welcomed Madeira for our biannual home match with them. We managed to win on three of the four rinks and overall. Dennis Blackwell’s rink were steady throughout their game, winning 2 shots to their opponents 1 will always give you the win. John Barrie’s rink did not make double figures, dropping a 5 on the 7th end and a couple of 3s along the way, they were out bowled today. I hear Bob French has a new nickname, “luck old Bob”, his rink dropped a 6 and still managed to win. In fairness his rink did win 12 of the 18 ends. Richard Harder’s rink had a steady game, always close and managed to find the winning shots.

B Husbands, E Browning, C Slade and D Blackwell    18-8     

C Powney, B Kerslake, B Berry and J Barrie                9-20    

G Hake, B Gregory, K Powney and B French             17-15  

M Slade, B Enright, M Robertson and R Harder         12-10

Overall West End 56, Madeira 53.

On Saturday we had a home friendly with Rock Park from Barnstaple, unfortunately our away fixture was cancelled earlier in the year. The game was close overall with West End losing two rinks, winner three and overall. (Thanks Jordan) Dennis Blackwell’s rink started slowly, picked up a few shots making it tied at tea, but then faded away again. John Clapp’s rink also started badly but were able to pick up a couple of fours and by tea were 14-7 up. Although they only scored twice more after tea, one was a 4, it was just enough to give them the win. Not so lucky Bob today. Bob French’s rink were never quite on it today, although they managed to win the last three ends, they started from a losing position and ended in that position. Mickael Willavoys kept it in the family and although they dropped a 4 before tea, they picked up a 5 after to extend their advantage, in a game that they were always in control of. Jordan Tinham’s team included one of our new bowlers playing his first friendly, and it must be said he played very well. (Well done, Liam). Judging by the result so did the whole team, only losing 6 ends, they even picked up a 6 on one end.  After the first two ends they were always in front and that’s how it finished.

S Grace, B Enright and D Blackwell                                  13-21  

B Husbands, E Payne and J Clapp                                    19-17   

B Furness, A Hill and B French                                           13-16   

K Barry, B Barry and M Willavoys                                       20-12  

L Tucker, B Pulsford and J Tinham                                     25-12

Overall West End 90, Rock Park78.

On Sunday our green was used by the County for the Men’s Minor finals, so we had an away friendly with Heavitree.

In the County games only a single and the Grater pairs were played. Old West End member Peter Chidgey (now at Cullompton) played Stewart Maddox from the Park. In a very tight game Peter won 21-19.

In The Grater pairs it was the West End pairing of the Clarke bros against R Pike and D Rice from Culm Vale. Dicky and Nobby got off to a slow start but by 11 ends the score was tied at 11 shots each. Shots were exchanged for the next 8 ends making it 17 all at 19ends. The West End boys dropped a 4 on the 20th and although they picked up a 2 on the last the win went to Culm vale.

Meanwhile in the afternoon, several car travelled down the motorway to Exeter for the friendly at Heavitree. This resulted in a good day for West End, we won 4 rinks, lost one and won overall. Ken Powney’s rink took control of their game early scoring a 5 on the fourth end, they were 12-5 up at the halfway point and although they too dropped a 5 on the 17th it did not change the winning outcome for Ken. During their game Chris Slade’s team also picked up a 5, which gave them the lead of their game. However, dropping 10 shots over the last 5 ends did their chance of winning no good at all. What was it about scoring 5 today, John Barries rink also scored 5 on the 12th end of their game and as they were 4-12 down at the time it was most welcome, it also seemed to kick start their game, as they went on to win 5 of the last 6 ends and the game. Bob Enright’s rink weren’t happy with scoring one 5 so they picked up two, alone with a couple of lowly 3’s. After a very poor start their 1st 3 was picked up on the 9th end making the score 6 all. But this was a game in which the West End rink almost dominated the second half, winning 6 of the 9 ends, scoring their two 5’s and another 3 along the way. Captain of the day Tony Sykes and his rink let the side down, only managing a 4 in a game that was very tight until that point. Having got in front that’s where they stayed, they even had one end tied on the 15th, it was that  close a game, but the 4 won it.

B Husbands, C Harder and K Powney                              20-14  

E Payne, N Howard and C Slade                                      18-21   

L Tucker, B Gregory and J Barrie                                      15-13  

S Grace, B Kerslake and B Enright                                    22-10  

M Slade, E Browning and T Sykes                                    15-10

Overall West End 90, Heavitree 68.



Report for weekending 17th July 2022.

We started this week with the East of Exe league game on Monday evening. Before this game we were top of Division 2 not bad for our first season, lets hope we can keep it up. Tonight, we were playing Tiverton Borough, so it was something of a Derby.                        Jorden Tinham’s rink dropped a 3 on the first end, that shook them up a bit, so they picked up 11 on the next 3 ends and never looked back, even scoring a 6 on the 10th end.          Dickie Clarke’s rink did not drop a shot until the 8th end, had a mixed middle to their game, then lost the last 4 ends. However, they had built up such a lead that they still won. Bob Pulsford’s rink showed no mercy after dropping 1 on the 1st end it was 11 ends before Borough scored another shot. Bob went on to win with ease. Tony Sykes and his rink had a similar game, dropping the 1st shot but them crushing the opposition. Four rinks, four wins well played everyone. 

M Slade, C Hammett, M Robertson and J Tinham         30-15

G Hake, R Harder, J Barrie and D Clarke                     19-13 

D Blackwell, K Powney, C Slade and B Pulsford           25-9   

S Moore, B Kerslake, J Clapp and T Sykes                        21-7.

Overall West End 95, Borough 44.

Also, on Monday evening away at Crediton Gill Callagham and Angie Hill played their County Major pairs last 16 game against Sophie Tolchard and Harriet Stevens from Kings. Two young ladies who feature in the Bowls England setup. Our ladies held their own for so much of the game, but in the end it was the girls from Kings who came out on top.

We had no game on Tuesday. In the afternoon committee business was discussed.

Wednesday is Men’s Exeter over 60’s league. This week the A team were away at Uffculme, whilst the B and C teams were at home to Topsham and Bradninch respectively.

As I said the A team was away at Uffculme and managed to win on both rinks this week.

The B team had a mixed day, John Barrie’s rink started off scoring 12 shots in the first three ends and were always in front. However, Bob French’s rink never quite got to grips with the game. 1 win. 1 loss and loss overall.

R White, R Harder and J Barrie                                     19-15 

B Enright, C Hammett and B French                               11-25

Overall West End B 30, Topsham Red 40.

The C team fared no better, losing on both rinks. Mike Newcome’s rink was level at 5 ends, but the game then slipped away from them, dropping an 8 did not help. Graham Reardon’s rink had a close game but were never quite able to take the lead.

B Husbands, B Gregory and M Newcombe                   16-27

M Slade, C Penney and G Reardon                              15-17

Overall West End C 31, Bradninch B 44.             

 On Thursday evening, a large crowd gathered (large for West End anyway) to watch the section 2 quarter final of the Benevolent triples, to be played between Maureen Robertson, Gill Callagham and Angie Hill of West End and J Widley, S Risdon and T Shere from Uffculme. The spectators certainly got their monies worth the game was close and exciting, one might even say nail biting. At 10 ends the score was 11 shots to both teams, this all changed on the 11th end when the West End ladies picked up 6 shots, although the following ends were shared West End ladies came out on top 21-15.

The semi-final will be on our green on a date to be arranged, well worth coming along to watch and cheer our Ladies on.

Friday Club night roll up saw 10 members and a couple of new players enjoying the hot evening and cool drinks.

Saturday’s friendly against Teignmouth was cancelled.

On Sunday morning John Clapp and Andy Mason played their County Greter Pairs game against R Pike & D Rice from Culm Vale. I’m afraid they are unable to progress further in this competition losing by 16 shots.

And so, we arrive at Sunday afternoon, let’s just have a little recap here, back a while we traveled to Starcross, where we won 2 rinks, lost 3 and overall, 72 to 97. I said in my report then that we would not have to wait long for the return match and here it is, how would we preform today?

We started the afternoon with Captain Bob ringing around trying to get a team, as a number of members dropped out, it being so hot.  Chris Slade and her rink had a steady game, always in control they won all but 7 of the ends played and overall. Bob French’s rink started badly, being 6-12 down at tea, they managed to turn things around after, coming out on top.    John Barrie’s rink had several high scoring ends during their coast to victory. Now the bad news, Bob Pulsford and his rink were always chasing the game, and but for a 4 on the penultimate end would not have reached double figures. As to Bob Gregory’s rink, they did win 4 ends, that’s a victory in itself.

M Slade, N Howard and C Slade                                   19-7   

B Husbands, C Harder and B French                             27-20  

E Payne, M Robertson and J Barrie                               27-14 

S Andrews, C Hammett and B Pulsford                         13-22  

Terry, B Enright and B Gregory                                       9-29

Overall West End 95, Starcross 92. Regardless of the scores an enjoyable afternoon among friends. I hope during the afternoon we made the members of Starcross as welcome as they made us at their green.


Report for weekending 10-7-2022

Our first game of the week was a friendly away at Combe Martin, we all set off early to ensure we got a parking place. As to the game it was played in the friendly way Combe Martin always is, not that friendly though as they won on four of the five rinks and overall. Rickard Harder’s rink were always in control of their game, winning 11 of the 18 ends. Barry Kerslake had a close game, up at tea but lost the second half and the game, only by one but a loss is a loss. Tony Sykes and his team, Bob Enright and his Team and Bob French and his team all found the going difficult as the scores reflect.

C Andrews, B Husbands and R Harder                       27-14

S Andrews, G Hake and B Kerslake                          14-15

T Gribble, E Browning and T Sykes                            8-19 

E Payne, C Harder and B Enright                              15-22 

B Willis, C Hammett and B French                            8-15

Overall West End 72, Combe Martin 85.

At home on Monday evening R.L & R.K Clarke (Nobby & Dicky) played the County section 2 semi-final of the Grater pairs against D Tucker & J Heard from Culm Vale. As you would expect for a semi-final this was a close game, with some excellent bowling. At 21 ends the score was level at 18 and so an extra end was called for, the Clarke brothers scored the one shot required to win the game. Well done chaps. The County final is on Sunday 24th July at our green.

Wednesday, being Exeter over 60’s league for the men, the A team were at home to Madeira, the B team away at Topsham and yet again the poor old C team had no game, their opponents Bradninch could not field 6 players.  

Nobby Clarkes rink were always in control of their game and just kept piling on the pressure, winning with ease. Dicky Clarke’s rink did not start as well but caught up and took the lead by the eighth end, only to drop a 3 and a 4 on the last two ends losing them the game. One win, one loss, overall victory.

D Blackwell, B Pulsford and R.K Clarke                   18-20

B Kerslake, T Sykes and R.L Clarke                         21-8

Overall West End A 39, Madeira A 28.

The B team all climbed aboard John’s charabanc for their game at Topsham, who are a very competitive club, they knew they had to be at their best. John Barrie’s rink were behind until the 15th end when they picked up 3 shots, then winning 2 of the last 3 ends ensured them the victory.  Bill Berry’s rink found themselves in a similar situation but picking up 7 shots in three ends enabled them to draw level at 16 ends. Both teams then scored one shot on the next 2 ends to finish the game a tie. 1 win, 1 tie, overall victory.

B Enright, R Harder and J Barrie                                   13-10 

T Gribble, B Moore and B Berry                                     17-17

Overall West End B 30, Topsham White 27.

Having no game, the C team decided to have a roll-up at the club, just to keep the team spirit going. It looked to be more fun than competitive, still sometimes, at the end of the day that’s what bowls is about just enjoying yourself.  

On Thursday Mick Slade and Barry Kerslake played their Men’s singles championship internal competition game. Level at 8 ends Barry then took control of the game, winning all but 2 of the next 11 ends and with that the game.

On Friday we welcomed Taunton Vivary to West Exe Park, it was way back in May that we visited Vivary park, for a game that was cut short due to heavy rain. What a difference a couple of months make for our game on Friday was reduced to 18 ends as it was so hot. Home away, win or lose this game is always played in a very friendly atmosphere and so it was today. Away we only managed to win one rink and lost overall so we had to pull our socks up for this home match. John Barrie’s rink stormed ahead but dropped a 4 on the tea bell and then a 5 the first end after making the scores level and so they stayed until the 17 end. West End scoring the 1 to win on the last end. Dennis Blackwell and his rink took an early lead and control of the game, winning well. Angie Hill’s rink seemed to struggle before tea, going in level on 6 shots each. But in the second half the West End players came alive winning 7 of the last 9 ends and with that the game. Bob Frenchs’ rink also started badly but then managed to pick up a 6 on the 6th end, a score which seemed to knock the stuffing out of their opponents as West End then went on to win 9 of the next 12 ends. So we ended with all rinks winning.

B Moore, G Hake, C Hammett and J Barrie                    17-16 

B Enright, B Willis, K Powney and D Blackwell               22-10 

S Moore, B Husbands, R Harder and A Hill                     18-8  

G Callaghan, E Browning, B Kerslake and B French       26-8

Overall West End 83, Taunton Vivary 42.

Following this game Barry and Tony organized the Friday night club roll-up, only 1 rink this week as we had played in the afternoon.

Our Saturday friendly away at Teignmouth was cancelled as we were unable to provide a team.

Sunday our green was used for the Ladies Benevolent Triples competition. Two teams from West End competed, sadly one team was knocked out in the early rounds, Edna Browning,  Gill Hake and Chris Slade. However, the other triple of Maureen Robertson, Gill Callahan and Angie Hill went on to win their section, they will now play the next round in the evening of Thursday the 14th of July at West Exe.


Report for weekending 3rd July 2022.

Our first game on Monday was the East of Exe competition played at home in the evening against local side Tiverton Park. Tony Sykes’s rink started off with both sides scoring one each on alternate ends so at 9 ends only nine shots had been scored, on the 10th end Tony picked up two took control of the game and went on to win comfortably. Dicky Clarke’s rink seemed to be well in control of their game but dropped several high scoring ends in the latter stages of the game and this cost them the game. Andy Mason’s rink seemed to be cruising but dropping a few shots in the latter stages meant a closer victory than looked likely at 12 ends. Jordan Tinham’s rink go off to a very slow start, not scoring until the 6th end, they then scored on the next 7, taking a comfortable lead and holding on to win. So, we finished the evening with one lose, three wins and the overall victory. Stewart then opened the bar and Edna cooked the pies, all in all a good evening.

S Moore, B Pulsford, N Clarke and D Clarke                        18-20 

J Cole, B Kerslake, J Clapp and T Sykes                             18-8   

D Blackwell, G Hake, B French and A Mason                      18-14     

M Slade, C Hammett, M Robertson and J Tinham              16-11

Overall West End 70, Tiverton 53.                                               

We are now second in this league to Culm Vale.

Also, on Monday evening at Crediton, four of our ladies played in the County Majors Ladies fours section 2 (Group B), against a team from Maderia winning 19-13. Well done Gill Callaghan Caroline Harder, Chris Slade, and Angie Hill. They now play on Wednesday at Topsham against a team from Torquay.

On Tuesday evening, the men played Cullompton in the Foxlands semi-final, one rink at home and one away. Both rinks won in a rain affected game that was only played for 12 ends. Jordans rink dropped 4 on the first end, but were soon level, then in front and that’s were they stayed. Dicky’s rink was always just behind but won 5 of the last 6 end, picking up the winning shot on the 12th end.                                                 

R White, J Clapp, A Mason and J Tinham                         12-9.   

D Blackwell, T Sykes, R.L Clarke and R.K Clarke.           12-11.             

Their next game will be against a team from Culm Vale on Tuesday July 19th.

Wednesday afternoon is Exeter over 60’s league for the men, this week the A team were away at Topsham, the B team were at home to Wellington (no I don’t know how they qualify for a Devon league game ether but there you are) and the C team had a week off as Phear Park have withdrawn from the league.

The A team were up against it with the players that Topsham can turn out, and so it proved to be a tough game. Nobby Clarke’s rink won more ends but lost by 2 shots. Dicky Clarke’s rink managed to pick a 6 on the fifteenth end, taking the lead and holding on to win by 3, giving West End an overall win by 1 shot.

B Kerslake, T Sykes and R.L Clarke                     15-17           

D Blackwell, B Pulsford and R.K Clarke               22-19

Overall West End A 37, Topsham Blue 36.

The B team had mixed fortunes won one lost one and overall. Before the game started it was agreed that if it continued to rain, we would only play 12 ends and so it was to be. Bill Berry’s rink won 7 of their 12 and the game. Bob French’s team shared the ends winning 6 each, BUT they dropped a 6 and a 5 and lost.

B Enright, C Hammett and B French                             9-18  

T Gribble, B Moore and B Berry                                     9-5

Overall West End B 18, Wellington Tigers 23.

In the evening, the ladies four were at it again this time at Topsham against a strong team from Torquay in the Group B Semi-final. Our ladies were not fazed by the Torquay reputation taking the fight to them and coming away victorious, winning 22-17. They now play on Friday evening at Exonia against Topsham in the Group B final, the winners of that game will play at Leamington in the National finals.

On a very wet Thursday evening Chris Hammett and Tony Sykes played their County un-badged pairs against R Ostler and A Poole from South Molton. It was not to be their night, as the S Molton pair won 27-11.

Fridays friendly away at Barnstaple was cancelled, we were unable to raise a team.

Friday evening Dicky Clarke played John Clapp in a Club competition, but which one? as it was not put on the card and I’m not psychic I don’t know. The bottom line is Dicky won. 

 Friday evening Club night was well attended.


To Gill, Caroline, Chris and Angie.

Playing away at Exonia, on Friday evening, in the section 2 group B final our ladies were triumphant. In what was a nail-biting game the West End Ladies showed steel and determination against a very strong team from Topsham. Dropping 4 shots with three ends to go they won the next end, dropped 2 on the penultimate end but won the last end and the game 17-13. Talk about edge of the seat stuff, this was exciting, and a privilege to have been there watching. Well played ladies, they now play Ottery St. Mary in the section 2 final at Bitton Park on August 20th and both teams play in the Bowls England National finals in Leamington, which are held between 25th August and 18th September 2022.  

On a wet Saturday five car loads of players drove up the motorway to Burnham on sea for a friendly. Although the rain followed us, it stopped after a few ends to become now and again drizzle, which did not affect the game. Tony Sykes’ rink was close throughout the game and went into the last end tied but dropped 1 shot to lose. Bob Pulsford and his rink were always in control, winning by 13 shots. Bob French’s rink were in a similar position finally winning by 10 shots. Now the bad news, Ken Berry, who injured himself during the game, were close but finished up losing by 4 shots. John Barrie’s rink had a nightmare finally going down by 13 shots. Although we lost on three of the five rinks we still managed to win overall, as we did at home, against Burnham, back in early  June.

C Andrews, S Grace, C Hammett and T Sykes              17-18 

C Harder, N Howard, B Enright and B Pulsford             24-11 

E Payne, E Browning, B Gregory and B French            23-13 

B Kerslake, S Andrews. B Moore and K Berry              13-17 

B Husbands, S Moore, R Harder and J Barrie             14-27.

Overall West End 91, Burnham on sea 86.

Sunday proved to be a struggle to get a team together for our home friendly against Taunton Dean, and for some the game was a struggle too. Bob Pulsford’s rink lost the first two ends, but then took control and steadily picked up shots to win the game comfortably. Bob French’s rink were level at tea but an incident at tea upset their rhythm and they finished up losing. Tony Sykes was up against a strong side losing several big scores and with that the game. Ken Powney was down at tea but manged to level the score on the first end after, kept up the momentum and won at the end. Two rinks won; two rinks lost as we lost overall.

C Powney, C Hammett and B Pulsford                          20-14 

B Moore, B Kerslake and B French                                14-24  

B Husbands, E Payne and T Sykes                                15-27  

J Cole, B Gregory and K Powney                                   18-14

Overall West End 67, Taunton Deane 79.                       


Report for weekending 26-6-22

On Monday afternoon, Chris Slade and Barry Kerslake played their Club open singles competition with Chris coming out the winner 21-10.

We were due to play Wellington on Monday evening in the East of Exe and again on Tuesday afternoon in a friendly, but Covid within their Club necessitated both these games to be cancelled.

Tuesday evening, we played away at Cullompton in the Men’s Top Club. In a very close two-bowl singles Tony Sykes lost 10-13. In the four-bowl singles Dickie Clarke lost 8-21.  In the pairs Barry Kerslake and Nobby Clarke lost 16-25. Now the good news, in the triples Ray White, John Clapp and Andy Mason won 22-11. In the rink game Eddie Payne, Bob Gregory, Bob Pulsford and Jordan Tinham won 21-7.

Swiftly moving on to Wednesday for the Men’s Over 60’s league. Originally the B & C teams were to have been played away however they had both been changed to play at home, this meant all three teams were at home this week.

The A team played Okehampton, one rink lost whilst one won, Richard Clarke’s rink never quite got to grips with the game finishing 11-25. Robert Clarke’s rink on the other hand were always in control of their game winning 21-8.

B Pulsford, A Mason and R.K.Clarke                    11-25         

D Blackwell, T Sykes and R.L.Clarke                       21-8   

Overall West End A 32, Okehampton B 33.

The B team played St. Thomas, John Barrie’s rink were always in control of their game and won convincingly. In a game that was always just out of reach Bob French and his team dug deep finally winning the last three ends and with that the game.

R White, R Harder and J Barrie                                     35-7  

B Enright, C Hammett and B French                               19-16

Overall West End B 54, St. Thomas C 23.

The C team, playing Ottery St. Mary, won one, lost one and overall. Graham Reardon’s rink struggled whereas Mike Newcombe’s rink, although having a close game held on to win.

C Penney, K White and G Reardon                                10-26   

M Slade, B Gregory and M Newcombe                        21-18. 

Overall West End C 31, Ottery St. Mary D 44.

On Friday, five triples crossed over the moor to Watchet, where they were made welcome by the Watchet players. In a very friendly match at nine ends we were two rinks down but up by one shot overall, no stopping for tea, the second half belonged to West End. John Clapp’s rink got off to a good start, but Watchet draw level on the 11th end and then took the lead only for John to pick up a five on the fifteenth end spurring them on to win. Colin Penney’s rink got their big score early and took control of the game, although they dropped a few shots in the middle ends the result was never in doubt. Graham Reardon’s rink were down at ten ends, however the Watchet players must have needed a tea break as they never scored again, and Graham went on to win comfortably. Richard Harder’s rink never got to grips with their game, they picked up a few shots in the middle and end of the game but were always behind and so it finished. John Barrie had a tight game but was always in front by a few shots, tied at 16 ends he picked up one shot on each of the last two ends to win. After the game Watchet provided a lovely tea.

S Grace, B Gregory and J Clapp                                    19-13  

M Slade, E Browning and C Penney                               20-11  

S Andrews, G Hake and G Reardon                                16- 8  

C Andrews, T Gribble and R Harder                                11-18  

C Harder, N Howard and J Barrie                                    19-17

Overall West End 85 Watchet 67.

With the afternoon friendly and evening rain there was no club roll-up this week.

This week we had no friendly games for the weekend.


Report for weekending 19th June 2022.

Monday evening, we made the long trek up the hill to The Borough, for our East of Exe league game. Andy Mason’s rink got off to a flyer, they were 14 up on the 7th end when Borough scored their first shot. One of only four ends they won. Nobby Clarke’s rink were level at the halfway point but then the game went away from them, only scoring 4 shots more to Boroughs 15. Jordan Tinham rink were very slow starters, but as they found the green, so they took control of the game and picked up the shots. Tony Sykes’ rink scored steadily but dropped a couple of high scores and were never able to get on top in their game. All in all, not a bad night, we lost on two rinks, won on two and overall.                        D Blackwell, C Slade, B Pulsford and A Mason                25-6  

S Moore, J Barrie, J Clapp and N Clarke                        14-25   

G Callaghan, C Hammett, M Robertson and J Tinham   22-15   

J Cole, K Powney, A Hill and T Sykes                            12-22.

Overall West End 73, Borough 68.

On Tuesday several Club and County games were played, in the afternoon, Stewart Andrews and Mike Slade played their un-badged singles. As the crowds gathered to watch (mainly sheep, Mike must have left the gate open) a very close game developed, and after 26 ends it was Mike who came out the winner.

Also in the afternoon G Callaghan, Bill Berry and Bob Pulsford played their County mixed triples against Richard Evans & co from South Molton. Again, this was a very close game, with the scores tied on the 16th end it was Evans who scored on the last two ends to win the game 14-12.

In the evening two County games were played, Tony Sykes and Angie Hill played their mixed pairs against Beccy and Gary Bucknall from Park. This was not to be West Ends’ night; they were never able to get to grips with the game and lost by 10 shots.

In the County men’s 2 wood fours West End played a team from Culm Vale, and it was pretty much the same story, the West End rink were always behind, chasing the game and lost.   J Clapp, B Pulsford, A Mason and J Tinham 7-19.

Wednesday would have seen the A team travel away to Crediton, but this game was postponed.

The B team were at home to Morchard Bishop B, this turned out to be a one-sided match as West End lost on both rinks.  

R White, R Harder and J Barrie                           12-21        

T Gribble, B Moore and B Berry                           9-17   

Overall West End B 21, Morchard Bishop B 38.

The C team should have played at home to Belmont C, but both Belmont C and Phear Park B from the C teams league have pulled out, so 4 games have been dropped for this season for the C team.

With the A and C games cancelled it was decided to have a casual roll-up, which was played in a friendly competitive way, at least West End won this one.

E Payne, S Andrews, C Hammett and T Sykes              14       

M Slade, C Penney, G Reardon and B Kerslake           17.

On Thursday four of our members were involved in County games, unfortunately it was the section 2 Grater pairs, they were playing against each other, looking on the bright side at least West End would win this game. The game started off somewhat one sided with Andy and John scoring well and despite dropping 7 shots over the last three ends they still won. D Blackwell & T Sykes 17, J Clapp & A Mason 18. Their next opponents will come from Culm Vale. 

The Clubs friendly away at Ilfracombe on Saturday was cancelled due to lack on names on our side.

Sunday was the home leg of the Steve Smith Cup against Victoria Park, we went into this game 17 shots down, with Victoria Park holding the cup as a result of their victory over us last year.

We managed to win on 2 rinks and draw on 1 but lost on 2 and overall.                                                                

Edna, Bob G and John                                                  18-18 

Tony, Lance and Bob P                                                    12-18 

Norman, Mike S and Bob F                                            19-12 

Criss, Ken and Mike W                                                    14-13 

Eddie, Bob E and Barry                                                       3-37

(Sorry no surnames on cards)

Overall West End 66, Victoria Park 98. No Guessing where the cup stays for the next year.    


Weekending 12th June 2022

Before we start this weeks reports we have some catching up to do, way back in May (on the evening of Wednesday25th.) Gill Callaghan and Angie Hill won the Section 2 group A ladies majors’ pairs. This puts them in the last 16 in Devon. Well done.

I still can’t start this week’s report as there are a couple from last week.    The men’s over 60’s C team were away at Belmont last Wednesday 1st, where it’s true to say nether trip managed to find the green until the 9th end (scoring no points up to this point). Ken’s team then won the next 8 ends, sadly losing by 4 shots at the end. By the time Mike’s team scored on the 10th end they were so far behind that although they won 6 of the next 9 ends it was a loss for them also.                   

B Husbands, B Gregory and K Powney                 14-18

D Knowles, K White and M Newcombe                 6-30

Overall West End C 20, Belmont B 48.

On Thursday last week the Clarke bros. continued in the County Grater pairs competition. In control for the whole game (finishing 2 ends early) with another win, this time against K Finan and T Crawford from Tiverton Borough.

R.K and R.L Clarke 22- K Finan and T Crawford 9.              Their next opponents will be from Culm vale.

So, to this week we were at home for the East of Exe league on Monday night playing Culm Vale, who always put out a strong team. In a match that was fairly evenly balanced at the halfway point (on three rinks), by the end West End won on two rinks, lost on two and overall.

M Robertson, B Kerslake, B Pulsford and A Mason           11-26

G Callaghan, C Hammett, J Clapp and J Tinham              17-21

S Moore, K Powney, N Clarke and D Clarke                     16-9  

D Blackwell, J Barrie, A Hill and T Sykes                          20-17

Overall West End 64, Culm Vale73.

Tuesday afternoon committee business was discussed.

After the meeting Ken Powney played his preliminary round of the Club men’s handicap competition against Basil Husbands, which Ken won.

In the evening we played Uffculme, one rink at home and one away, in the Foxlands trophy. The away team took awhile to find the green and played catch-up throughout their game, losing by 5 shots. It was the other way around for the home team who were always on top of their opponents, finishing with a 15-shot lead. This gave West End a 10-shot victory overall. They will play ether Hemyock or Cullompton in the next round on Tuesday June 28th.

R White, J Clapp, B Pulsford and A Mason                   24-9          

D Blackwell, B Kerslake, N Clarke and J Tinham        19-24

Overall West End 43, Uffculme 33.

Wednesday afternoon is the men’s Exeter over 60’s league, this week the A and C teams were at home, whilst the B team had a trip out to North Tawton. The A team welcomed Exonia A, it was a mixed afternoon for West End, losing on one rink but winning well on the other and overall.                                          

B Kerslake, B Pulsford and A Mason                          14-25

D Blackwell, T Sykes and R L Clarke                         29-14

Overall West End A 43, Exonia A 39.    

After a magical mystery tour both cars arrived at North Tawton for the B teams’ game against their A team. We managed to win one game but lost the other and overall.                

T Gribble, B Moore and B Berry                                   14-12

B Enright, C Hammett and R Harder                           10-20

Overall West End B 24, North Tawton A 32.

The C team’s opponents were local club Tiverton Park Yellow, both rinks had good starts and never gave up the lead, winning well on both rinks. 

G Lee, B Gregory and K Powney                                   21-17     

E Payne, M Slade and G Reardon                                 21-14

Overall West End A 42, Tiverton Park Yellow 31.

In the evening our ladies played the section 2 ladies majors’ fours. In a close game, against a team from Park our ladies won. They are now in the last 16 and play the next round at Exonia.       Well played.                                                            

G Callaghan, C Harder, C Slade and A Hill          19-15

Thursday afternoon, Chris Hammett and Tony Sykes played their County unbadged pairs game against a pair from Uffculme. After losing the first 5 ends, albeit by only one shot an end, they finally got on the board and never looked back winning by 10 shots. 

C Hammett & T Sykes 25, S Wildey & G Dyson 15.

After their game finished Ken Powney and Mike Slade played their County unbadged Pairs game against a pair from South Molton. After a slow start Ken and Mike caught up to their opponents, only to let it slip again, finally losing by 8 shots.

Thursday evening the club was visited by members of Tiverton Golf club, who wanted to try bowls. I’m told it was a fun evening and the bar did well.

On Friday morning Tony Sykes played his County over 60’s singles competition against old West End member Peter Chidgey, who now plays out off Cullompton. In a tight game it was Peter who always seemed to be able to get that scoring shot in and went on to win.

Friday afternoon 15 members travelled down to Starcross for a friendly game. We managed to win on two rinks but lost on the other three and overall.  John Barrie was level at tea but had a bad second half, only winning two ends. Bob French was always in control of his game and was one of the winning rinks. Colin Penney was up against a strong Starcross rink who never let up their determination to be top rink. Richard Harder was always in front on his rink and won.

Bob Gregory had a tough time but judging by the laughter coming from his rink they all enjoyed the afternoon, as I think we all did. We were made welcome had a wonderful green to play on and enjoyed the company of fellow bowlers. Not long to wait for the return, Starcross visit us on 17th July.               

 B Husbands, B Moore and J Barrie                            12-21

C Andrews, C Hammett and B French                        18-8  

D Knowles, S Moore and C Penney                           12-34   

S Andrews, T Gribble and R Harder                           18-11   

E Payne, E Browning and Bob Gregory                     12-23. 

Overall West End 72, Starcross 97.

On Saturday we had hoped to have 6 mixed rinks from Burnham-on-sea, but they could only manage 4 triples, so 6 of our players formed two teams and played each other. As to the game against Burnham, John Clapp (Captain of the day) and his team started very slowly, I think they doctored the tea as the second half was a different story and they won comfortably in the end. Dennis Blackwell’s team had a steady game, never more than 1 behind they won the middle part of the game and were in front at the end. Tony Sykes’s team were ahead at tea but only manged to win one end after and that cost them the game. Bill Berry’s team found the first half hard and were down at tea, but scored well after, going on to win the game.                                                                            

S Grace, N Howard and J Clapp                                    19-9   

J Cole, M Willavoys and D Blackwell                             17-13    

E Browning, J Barrie and T Sykes                                 14-17  

E Payne, G Callaghan and B Berry                               24-18

Overall West End 74, Burnham-on-sea 57. 

West End reserves had a close game, full of friendly banter.  

S Andrews, T Gribble and B Pulsford 14.                          

B Husbands, B Moore and A Hill        16.        

Our friendly on Sunday was to have been against Byeways, but due to Covid in their club they cancelled.




Report for week ending 5th June 2022

We did not have an East of Exe match this week so the only game on Monday was a second round County Mixed triples, by chance this was between two trips from West End. In the red corner Sonia and Brian Moore and Richard Clarke and in the blue corner Angie Hill, John Clapp and Tony Sykes. Although the ends were pretty even the final score was 21 to 14 in Richard’s favour who will now go on to play T Slee & co from South Molton in the next round.

On Tuesday Bill Berry and Richard Harder travelled to South Molton for their county un-badged pairs game, which unfortunately they lost.

Having lost to Bradninch at home last week by 7 shots, this week we visited their green with revenge in our minds. And so it was to be, West End lost by 1 shot on one rink, won on 3 and overall. Things were looking good at tea when we were up by 12 shots, and this situation only improved after tea.

C Penney, M Slade and B Pulsford                                18-11

C Penney, B Kerslake and M Newcombe                        20-6  

S Andrews, B Husbands and T Sykes                            26-15 

C Andrews, B Enright and K Powney                               17-18

Overall West End 81, Bradninch 50.

Wednesday is Exeter over 60’s for the men, this week the A & B teams were at home and the C team away. The A team played Seaton A, winning on one rink and overall.             

T Sykes, B Pulsford and A Mason                                     13-16 

D Blackwell, R.L. Clarke and R.K. Clarke                     22-9

West End A 35, Seaton A 25.

The B team Played Tiverton Borough in a close game but lost on both rinks, dropping shots on the last couple of ends.     

B Enright, C Hammett and B French                           12-16 

R white, R Harder and B Berry                                       10-12. 

West End B 22, Borough Gold 28.

The C team played away at Belmont, I believe both teams lost.

Wednesday also saw the ladies play their Inter Club game against Babbacombe, this was played on the neutral green at Exonia. Two rinks of West End ladies traveled down to Exeter for this, on paper, difficult game. And so it proved to be, but the West End ladies never give up, although down on both rinks throughout the match, they kept fighting until the last bowl was bowled. And what last bowls they were, Sonia Moore, Edna Browning, Maureen Robertson and Angie Hill picked up 5 shots on the last end to draw on their rink. Whilst Caroline Harder, Gillian Hake, Gill Callaghan and Chris Slade picked up 2 shots to win 20-19. That win by one shot meant overall victory to the West End ladies, who will now play Great Torrington on 16th June in the next round. Well played ladies.

The friendlies due to be played on Thursday at home to Combe Martin and on Friday away at St. Thomas, were both cancelled due to lack of players, as was the Saturday away game at Rock Park.

Saturday our green was again a neutral green for Gloucester Ladies against Cornwall Ladies. This was a Preliminary round to the Johns trophy. Gloucester arrived early, thinking the game started at 1.00 not 1.30, then Cornwall’s coach got caught up in traffic, following a road accident and arrived late. Club President Gill Callaghan welcomed both County Presidents, managers, and teams and at last the match started. Most rinks were close one way or the other, but one Cornwall rink had a good win enabling Cornwall to win by 10 shots. After the game Edna and her team provided a lovely hot meal for all the players and supports.


Report for week ending 29th May 2022.

Monday evening, we had a long trip out to Ilminster for an East of Exe league game. Four cars travelled up the motorway in the rain, the hope was we would not have to play in the rain too. Our prayers were answered as the rain stopped after the first end and although chilly and overcast it did not rain again. We lost on one rink, won on three and overall. A good start to this new (for us) league 21 points from 24.

D Blackwell, C Hammett, A Hill and B Pulsford     3-24   

C Slade, B Kerslake, J Clapp and T Sykes         17-14

G Callaghan, B Moore, B French and J Tinham    25- 8  

S Moore J Barrie, K Berry and R Clarke              22-11. Overall West End 67, Ilminster 57.

On Tuesday we welcomed Bradninch to our green for a friendly. There was a friendly atmosphere about this game despite having only half the points of Bradninch at tea, 21-42. In the second half there were some strange results. West End scored 40 points to Bradninch 26, we also managed to win on one ring but sadly lost on the other three and overall, by 7 shots. Basil’s team were 2-14 down but pulled back, only losing by dropping 3 shots on the last end. Barry’s team were 4-7 down at tea but ruled the second half and won. Mike was up at tea, but ended up losing by 2, and Richards team struggled the whole game.

M Slade, L Kennedy and B Husbands                            19-21

B Enright, C Hammett and B Kerslake                            17-9  

T Gribble, E Payne and M Newcombe                          15-17  

D Knowles, E Browning and R Harder                         10-21.

Overall West End 61, Bradninch 68.

On Wednesday in the Exeter men’s over60’s league, our A and C teams were away playing Heavitree A and Culm Vale C , the B team were home to Ottery St.Mary B. This week the A and B teams did not fair well, it was left to the C team to hold up the Clubs’ spirits.

B Kerslake, B Pulsford and A Mason                            11-19

D Blackwell, T Sykes and R K Clarke                               10-17

Overall West End A 21, Heavitree A 36.

T Gribble, B Moore and B Berry                                   15-24

R Harder, R White and J Barrie                                   8-24

Overall West End B 23, Ottery St. Mary B 48.

B Husbands, M Slade and M Newcombe                       16-9  

E Payne, B Gregory and K Powney                          20-13

Overall West End C 36, Culm Vale C 22.  Well done the C team, A and B must try harder.

On Friday, the Men’s over 60’s A team played a game that had been postponed earlier in the season, venting their frustration of Wednesdays defeat on Uffculme A they won on both rinks.

B Kerslake, T Sykes and R K Clarke                         20-8  

D Blackwell, B Pulsford and R L Clarke                   22-16

Overall West End A 42, Uffculme A 24.

Whilst this game was being played at home away at Uffculme in the men’s County un-badged triples, Bob French and co. were getting stuffed.  J Barrie, C Hammett and B French 12, E Saunders, S Wildley and P O’Callaghan 23.

Friday evening saw many members turn out for the Club roll-up or just to watch and chat, Stewart had the bar open, maybe that was the attraction.       

Also, on Friday evening Tony Sykes and Dennis Blackwell played their (County) Grater pairs match against       M Hogan & N Burnell from Tiverton Park  . Always in control of the game they finished early on 25-13. Well played Tony and Dennis, your next opponents are fellow West End members John Clapp and Andy Mason, that’s a game worth watching.

Saturday afternoon we had a local derby as we welcomed Tiverton Park to our green for a friendly. Down at tea 31-42, captain of the day Gill roused her troops for the second half     . West End dug in and scored 47 to Parks 31, thanks mainly to Bob Pulsfords’ team, giving an overall score of West End 78, Park 73 at the finish, a 5 shot victory for West End.

S Moore, L Kennedy and B Berry                                  11-10

T Gribble, C Hammett and Gill Callaghan                      7-18 

C Andrews, B Husbands and D Blackwell                    16-19 

S Andrews, M Slade and B Pulsford                               27-11  

B Moore, C Slade and T Sykes                                  17-15.

On a damp Sunday we drove up the motorway to Taunton Vivary to receive a very friendly welcome from members of a club we all enjoy playing against, even though we usually seem to lose. As was the case this time, we did manage to win on one rink though. We went in for tea, which must be said was a very lovely spread, at 10 ends with West End winning on two rinks and losing on two, and one shot ahead overall. What happened after was a complete turn around. For although Bob French and his rink hung on to win John Barrie’s rink, well ahead at tea, never scored a shot after tea, Chris Hammett’s rink picked up only to fall behind again and Michael Willavoys rink were chasing the game all afternoon. Something of a relieve then when at 18 end the sky opened and down fell the rain, both captains agreed to call it a day.

S Moore, N Howard, B Kerslake and B French             24-17

S Andrews, E Browning, B Husbands and J Barrie   13-22

D Stevens, M Stevens, B Gregory and Chris Hammett  12-23

C Andrews, B Moore, B Enright and M Willavoys   10-23.

Overall West End 59, Taunton Vivary 85.


Weekending 22-5-22

This week would see several first round County games played. Chris Hammett and Tony Sykes played A Dent and   P Harris from Bradninch in the un-badged pairs. In a close game that swung one way and then the other it was tied at 18 all on the 21st end, requiring and extra end. The West End boys held their nerve to win, scoring 3 shots on the extra end.            West End 21 Bradninch 18

We approached Monday evening this week with some trepidation this evening would be our first match in the East of Exe league. The good thing, we were at home. Our opponents were Bradninch. Bob Pulsford’s team having had a close game went into the last end 2 up but dropped 2 to finish with a draw. Jorden Tinham’s team were always in control producing our best result. Tony Sykes’ team just had the edge over his opponents and lead throughout their game. Richard Clarke’s team were level at 9 ends but then took control of the game and won 7 of the next 9 ends and the game.

D Blackwell, C Hammett, A Hill and B Pulsford          17-17

G Callaghan, B French, M Robertson and J Tinham   27-6  

C Slade, B Kerslake, J Clapp and T Sykes                 16-11 

J Cole, J Barrie, K Berry and R Clarke                        15-9.

Overall West End 75, Bradninch 43, a good start well done everyone. The evening was finished off with hot pies thanks to Edna and the team in the kitchen.

On Tuesday our green was the natural venue for a County game between Wiltshire and Cornwell Ladies.

On Wednesday the men had their over 60’s league, the A and C teams were at home, but the B team had to travel down to Okehampton for their match.

The A team’s opponents were Honiton A, both our teams were in control of their games and despite dropping shots over the last few ends both teams won.

D Blackwell, T Sykes and R K Clarke                   22-17                                                       B Kerslake, B Pulsford and R L Clarke                20-17                                                           Overall West End A 42, Honition A 34.

The B team all climbed into John’s charabanc for their trip to Okehampton. The game played on a soft green in the rain did not go well, both teams losing.

T Gribble, R Harder and B Berry                                   15-17

The C team played Crediton C and it was without doubt their best result dominating both rinks. With agreement of the opposition Bob Gregory played 10 ends, welcome back Bob.

S Andrews, K White and M Newcombe                        30-6                                                    D Knowles, B Gregory/G Lee and G Reardon              27-9.

Overall West End C 57, Crediton C 15.

On Thursday evening there were two more county games contested, a lady’s rink against Uffculme and a men’s triple against Tiverton Borough. Rain interfered with both games nether of which went well for West End, as both teams lost.

J Cole, M Robertson, C Slade and G Callaghan 12-19.                                                        T Gribble, R Harder and B Berry                           8-26. 

Friday afternoon we welcomed members from St. Thomas bowls club to West Exe Park for a friendly. Following a most enjoyable afternoons bowling we lost on one rink but managed to win on two rinks and draw on one.   

D Knowles, M Slade and R Harder                         21-9                                                        L Kennedy, T Gribble and B Enright                     15-10                                                         C Penney, E Browning and B Husbands               12-12                                                     G Lee, N Howard and G Hake                               13-20

Overall West End 61, St Thomas 51.

On Saturday 2 ladies trips went to Culm Vale for the Ladies County Triples, having got through to the second round sadly they were eliminated.

In the afternoon Tony Sykes played his first round in the County men’s over 60’s against Colin Risdon from Hemyock, tied at 12 all on the fifteenth end Tony went on to win 5 of the next 7 ends played winning 21 – 16.

Sunday morning brought two pairs from West End against each other in the County pairs, in a very closely matched game Angie Hill and Tony Sykes won by 2 shots against Caroline Harder and Andy mason.

In the afternoon Chris organised one of his triples matches, with 20 members joining in. At the end of an enjoyable afternoon 2 members tied for top spot, Bob Pulsford and Norman Howard and just to show he does not pick the best players in his teams, Chris lost all three of his games.


Report for weekending 15-5-22.

I’ll start this week’s report with a couple of last week’s games.

The men’s over 60’s A team played at Madeira on Wednesday, losing on both rinks.

B Kerslake, B Pulsford and R L Clarke                 12-19                     

D Blackwell, T Sykes and R K Clarke                       19-24.

Overall West End A 31, Madeira A 43.

In the afternoon on Friday the Clarke brothers played a county pairs game (The Grater Pairs) against a pair from Uffculme and won 20-11.

Moving on to this week we had our first friendly of the week on Monday when we welcomed North Tawton to West Exe Park. We won on two rinks, lost on two and overall.  Barry Kerslake’s team struggled although their game, Gill Callaghan was in front at tea but had a disappointing second half. Whereas John Clapp and Angie Hill’s teams were in control throughout.

M Slade, B Moore and A Hill                                   20-14          

J Cole, K Powney and J Clapp                               14-11        

S Moore, B Husbands and G Callaghan                 11-17                     

E Payne, E Browning and B Kerslake                       8-23.

Overall West End 53, North Tawton 65.

In the men’s O60’s, the A team were due to play at home, but unfortunately their opponents, Uffculme, were short of players as several of their members had Covid. The game was postponed.

Both the B and C teams were away, the B at Topsham and the C at Bradninch.

Last week the B team beat Topsham White and at the weekend the Club played and beat Topsham in a friendly, so hopes were high that the B team could win away at Topsham and so it proved to be the case, we won on both rinks.

B Enright, C Hammett and B French                     27-11       

T Gribble, B Moore and J Barrie                             21-15.

Overall West End B 48, Topsham Red 26.

The C team had very mixed fortunes winning well on one rink but losing badly on the other. That’s bowls for you these things happen.

G Lee, M Newcombe and G Reardon                    21-8                         

E Payne, M Slade and K Powney                           8-27.

Overall West End C 29, Bradninch B 35.

On Thursday afternoon in the County mixed triples Richard came up against a team from Bradninch, in an even game his team scored two on the last end to win.

S Moore, B Moore and R K Clarke 19, J Harries & co 17.

The friendly due to be played on Friday, at home against North Petherton, had to be cancelled as N. Petherton could not raise a team.

Friday evening saw Club Roll-up night well attended, having sorted out teams Barry sat out, having injured his leg.

On Saturday two members, Gill Callaghan and Angie Hill were at South Molton, playing in the Ladies County pairs. Winning two games they now move on to the next round at Uffculme later this month.

Our final friendly of the week was against United Services on Saturday. This was the return game, as we played United Services back in April, finishing with a deficit of 12 shots.  

In a match played in a good friendly spirit, we started well and by tea were up 7 shots overall. Tony Sykes’s team only dropped 2 shots in the first half, whilst pumping in the shots themselves, going on to a big score. Bob French’s team had a close game, 2 behind at tea, they dug in and came out winners. Bob Pulsford was always in control of his game and was another high scorer for West End. Andy Masons’ Team started well, and although they eased back a bit after tea still won a tight game. Nether Dennis Blackwell or John Barrie’s teams seemed to get to grips with the game this week and both lost. So, in the end we won on 4 rinks but lost heavily on 2. However, the overall totals put West End up by the 12 shots we lost by in Barnstaple, how friendly is that, over the two games we were level on scores.

E Payne, B Husbands and D Blackwell                         8-22 

M Slade, B Berry and T Sykes                                      31-5   

C Harder, C Hammett and B French                           16-12      

B Enright, M Robertson and B Pulsford                       21-8     

J Cole, B Moore and A Mason                                    20-18   

S Moore, T Gribble and J Barrie                                   5-24.

Overall West End 101, United Services 89.

Sunday saw a ladies county rinks game played at West Exe with Gill Callaghan, Caroline Harder, Chris Slade and Angie Hill matched against a strong team from South Molton.         The Ladies got off to a flying start and were 11 nil up after 7 ends, South Molton won an end, changed the jack length and started to close the deficit, however the West End players held their nerve and at 18 ends the final score in a very enjoyable game to watch, was West End 14, South Molton 11.


Weekending 8-5-22

The week started with an away trip to Morchard Bishop, in a close game we were ahead on three of the four trips at 10 ends but finished up narrowly losing on three at the end. However, the one trip that did win gave the Club an overall winning score.

D Knowles, B Husbands and C Slade                    15-17          

J Coles, S Andrews and T Sykes                            12-17         

C Andrews, C Harder and G Callaghan                  12-13        

M Slade, R Harder and B Pulsford                           21-10

Overall West End 60, Morchard Bishop 57.

Wednesday saw the return of the men’s Exeter over 60’s league, this week the A team were away at Madeira, the B and C teams were both at home to Topsham White and Bradninch A respectively.

I’ll have to give the A team report next week as I’ve not seen the cards or know the result at the time of writing.

It was nice to see Bob Gregory back up at the Club giving his support to the home teams.

The B team had a good first game, John Barrie’s team were always in control and from 4-11 down at 8 ends Bill Berry’s team pulled it back to win.

R White, R Harder and J Barrie                             18-15        

T Gribble, B Moore and B Berry                             19-12

West End B 37, Topsham White 27.

Unfortunately, the C team’s first game did not go well, losing on both rinks.

S Andrews, M Newcombe and K Powney             11-22

Husbands, M Slade and G Reardon                      12-21

Overall West End C 23, Bradninch A 43.


Friday evening was Club roll-up night, with Barry organizing the teams, it’s no wonder his team won. Never mind a good time was had by all who attended.

On Saturday afternoon we welcomed Topsham, (with their nice new shirts) to our Green for a friendly. Bowls is a funny old game, and this match proves it, at half time we were winning on three and losing on two, ahead by 7 shots.  One rink was 0-13 down but fought back to finish 13-19. One rink was 12-3 up and just kept up the pressure to win 26-3, which was just as well as one rink was 4-8 down at tea and had a bad second half finishing 6-31. Having said all that, we still managed to hold on to the winning three, lose on two and win overall. Well played everyone.

S Moore, M Slade and B Berry                              23-14                          

C Harder, M Robertson and K Powney                  13-19                     

C Powney, C Slade and B French                            6-31                     

D Knowles, B Moore and D Blackwell                     26-3                          

J Cole, E Browning and R White                             17-12

Overall West End 85, Topsham 79.

In the County mixed triples, Angie Hill, John Clapp and Tony Sykes travelled across town to The Park for their first-round game. Losing at 15 ends they scored 9 shots over the next three ends to win 20-19.

On a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon we travelled up to Victoria Park in Bideford for the first leg of the Steve Smith Cup, currently held by Victoria Park and unless we pull our socks up, in the home leg in June, they are likely to keep it this year too.

Bob Pulsford’s team were always in control and won their game. John Clapp’s team managed to pick up 8 shots in the last three ends thereby winning by 1 shot. And Ken Berry’s team sadly dropped 2 on the last end, but still managed a draw. The other three teams unfortunately lost.

B Husbands, A Hill and J Clapp                             16-15          

K White, C Hammett and B Pulsford                     17-11          

S Andrews, L Kennedy and B French                   10-19        

 N Howard, B Kerslake and T Sykes                     14-20         

 C Harder, A Gribble and K Berry                           13-13         

C Andrews, B Enright and J Barrie                        14-23

Overall West End 84, Victoria Park 101.


Week ending 1st May 2022

The start of this week did not look promising, our first two friendlies were cancelled. Ilfracombe advised us they were unable to raise a team for their trip to us on Monday and we had the same problem for our game at Culm Vale on Tuesday.

No problem on Wednesday though when we welcomed Crediton Bowls Club to our green, we did however drop down from the original 6 rinks to 5 and then 4. After an enthralling afternoons bowling West End manged to win on three but lost on the fourth.

G Lee, B Berry, A Hill and T Sykes                                26-16

S Andrews, M Newcombe, K Powney and J Barrie      16-29

C Andrews, D Blackwell, M Robertson and D Clarke    22-7

C Powney, B Husbands, K Berry and A Mason             29-14.

Overall West End 87, Crediton 66.

Thursday was a free day.

The 15 members turned up on Friday evening for the Club roll-up.

On Saturday six cars traveled up to United Services in Barnstaple for a friendly. As always, we were given a very friendly welcome by the United Services members and once on the green the game continued in that manner. However, we only managed to win on two rinks, with a draw on one but losing on three.

B Enright, M Robertson and J Tinham                         21-14

C Powney, C Hammett and B French                          11-17

T Gribble, J Barrie and T Sykes                                   14-15

N Howard, C Andrews and J Clapp                             17-12

S Andrews, E Payne and B Kerslake                            5-22

C Harder, K Powney and B Pulsford                           15-15.

Overall West End 83, United Services 95. We only have two weeks before United Services visit us, lets hope we can gain the upper hand at home.

On Sunday we were looking forward to a visit from Heavitree, but the overnight and early morning rain made the green slippery and somewhat dangerous to play on, so it was thought best to cancel the game.

And so, a week that started with five friendly games finished with only two, one we won the other we lost.

Next week we have three friendlies and the men’s Exeter over 60’s league to look forward to.


Yippee, 2022 season has started.

On a chilly Easter Sunday afternoon (17th April) members gathered at the Club for our opening day meeting.

The payment of subs was so much easier this year as Tony has bought the Club a card reader, even West End Bowling Club are moving into the 21st century.

Moving on to the green Chairman Ken Powney presented the Club’s 2022 President Gill Callaghan with her badge of office, followed by this year’s Vice President Doreen Butt. Club Captain Bob French then presented Angie Hill with the Ladies Vice Captain badge of office.

Chris and Bob then organised a roll up for the 22 members who wanted to play, with the first bowl being delivered by Gill Callaghan. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

During the week many members visited the green for a roll up, with 15 or so turning up for the first Friday Club night.

On Saturday 23rd we had our first friendly, this was an away game at South Molton, 6 triples made the journey and came away with an overall win.

West End  93, South Molton  84.

B Kerslake, R Harder and J Clapp    18-11

M Slade, C Harder and T Sykes       15-13

C Andrews, B Berry and A Mason   14-14

S Moore, G Reardon and B Enright  18-18

S Slade, B French and D Blackwell    9-15

S Andrews, B Moore and J Tinham  19-13

On Sunday 24th we had a home game when we welcomed our friends from Ottery St Mary, could we keep up the good start?

At tea Ottery were in front by 1 shot overall, 31 to 32. Captain Bob must have given a good half time team talk as we went on to win on three rinks, draw on one and lost on one with an overall score of West End 78, Ottery St Mary 66.

M Slade, B Moore and Gill Callaghan   10-17

J Cole, C Hammett and B French           18-12

B Husbands, C Andrews and C Slade     16-16

D Knowles, A Hill and T Sykes             14-11

S Moore, T Gribble and J Barrie            20-10.

Well done everyone, two games, two wins.